Developing Green Thumbs

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Today was “Community Day” at school where all classes from 8-5 are cancelled in order to have community-type things going on instead. Well, since attendance isn’t mandatory and I’m not paying $5 to go to school when I don’t have to, it was a day off for me!

It started off with waking up with Chase still in bed, him rolling over and going “Surprise!!”, and then explaining to me he took a personal day off from work so we could spend time together. ❤ What a pleasant surprise!


I knew exactly what I wanted to make for breakfast today, a good ol’ Japan favorite, which I have dubbed Japanese Oats. Oats cooked and topped with banana mixed with nutmeg! The smell takes me back in a good way. =) I topped it with a spoonful of chunky peanut butter and a sprinkle of raisins. Seriously, I’ve got to make oatmeal fit into my busy mornings more!

I was very excited to head to the gym this morning and do a sweaty 60 minute hill stationary bike workout. My foot felt a tiny bit sore…but nothing painful! I may just keep my appointment just in case…


Next up on this absolutely gorgeous over 60 degree day, Chase and I headed out to get some gardening supplies. Since we were out past lunch time I got really hungry so we ended up at Jamba Juice! I used to absolutely love Jamba Juice, but then I learned the nutritional info for a lot of their smoothies and my love died. =P Today I tried something new: fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice!

I’m not normally a big juice person but I absolutely loved this! It was so refreshing and tasty! No artificial-twang.


An hour or so later we grabbed lunch at Taco Del Mar. ❤ Fish whole wheat burrito, no rice, pinto beans, cabbage, cheese, and salsa. Sadly, since having those amazing fish tacos and that outstanding and world changing burrito in San Diego, this one paled in comparison. =/ Sorry Taco Del Mar, we had a good time. (Like my new placemat I couldn’t turn down at Target?)


Now for the reason we were out: it’s that time of year for attempting my herb garden! Can I do better than last year? I hope so! This year, we’re starting them inside to germinate and we didn’t let me just dump the seeds in without paying attention to how many. ^_^ We’ve got rows of basil (with new and old seeds..we weren’t sure if the old ones were still viable…), cilantro, Zinnia’s, and rosemary. I can’t wait to see them grow! Chase says we are “developing our green thumbs”. ^_^

I’ll keep you all updated just like last year.


Since it was soo nice out we also tidied up the patio and I did some A&P reading on blood pressure while I sipped espresso in the sun and fresh air. (Gross, so sorry about the atherosclerosis pictured. >.<)


Due to that huge and late lunch I wasn’t extremely hungry for dinner but I did have a hankering for some ice cold milk. I ended up grabbing a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and sprinkled in some toasted almonds and craisins. Mmm mm. Gosh, more veggies tomorrow!

Later I snacked on some chips and salsa that went unpictured. >.< No binging though, I ate until satisfied. Perhaps I can say these are not a trigger food anymore!?! =O


3 thoughts on “Developing Green Thumbs

  1. Nice job with the chips! See it did work, you allowed yourself to have them w/o guilt and you ate till satisfied, Go you!!! It’s the little victories 🙂 and yay for gardening!

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