And our bodies are also more amazing than you know! I say this because my foot’s been feeling so much better since I let it have a few days of rest. So good in fact that I did a 35 minute stationary bike workout tonight and had absolutely no pain!! =D It’s healed! I’m cancelling my appointment. ~.^ My body rocks.


My body wasn’t too happy this morning when I was forced out of bed to go to (ug!) school. Seriously, perhaps my body was using a lot of energy to heal my foot because I was t-i-r-e-d! So tired, I took this unfocused photo of breakfast without even noticing.

Weetabix, banana, craisins, and toasted almonds. I left out the granola since the calorie counting is making me a little crazy plus I knew I’d probably get lunch early today.


And I did! Sadly, the hot lunch looked gross (lo mien bleh!) and a simple egg salad sandwich was $7(!!), so I grabbed a bowl of Spanish Vegetable Soup and a cranberry scone with orange caramel drizzle. For some odd reason, they aren’t baking bread/rolls this quarter so that’s why I ended up with a scone. I needed a big hunk of carbohydrates to keep me full. Both were really tasty and held me over for 5 hours to be fair.


At the break in my ecological aspects of nutrition class I snacked on a navel orange and a light string cheese to keep me going. This class is really interesting by the way, but makes it apparent that it’s pretty much impossible to live entirely sustainable without converting back into the middle ages. Really great food for thought though.

When I got home from class I succeeded in not pre-dinner snacking. =) Only the second day and I already feel like this bad habit is going to be squashed because I’m stronger than I thought!


Once Chase got home though we were both starving and throwing things in the oven for dinner. I had whole wheat spaghetti mixed with a little Alfredo sauce and topped with roasted Brussels sprouts. On the side I finished off TJ’s Giant White Beans. These were delicious! I’m so glad I’ve found my love for beans.


After dinner Chase grabbed a bowl of his super decadent peanut butter cup swirl ice cream…and I knew I wanted dessert to. I went less decadent and more homey though with two homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and a small glass of milk. ❤

I’m so excited to have my foot back in full function. ^_^ It felt soooo great to get my cardio on tonight.

Anyway, happy hump day!


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