No Negative

I feel like I’ve been really negative this past quarter. I want to change that. I want to be one of those positive happy people. =)

So for a little while (I guess until I’m bored with it or forget!), I’m going to start each post with a little inspirational quote.

 d929cb78c9339e7f7ace9bcf8bc4d959 (Source)

See, doesn’t that feel nice? I never used to be such a sentimental girl, but it appears right now in life I could use these little pick me ups.

Anyway, today is the one day of the week that Chase and I have off together. So of course we slept in late and then had breakfast in bed!


Chase surprised me by joining me with a bowl of oatmeal. Plain oats so I could split them between the two of us. I then added nutmeg, banana, and chunky peanut butter to mine. Not as too as when I cook it with it but not bad.

The rest of the morning was spent organizing my school stuff (though not doing any of it!) and relaxing, watching TV, playing video games, and just having fun!


For lunch around 2pm I made myself a two egg scramble with shaved Brussels sprouts, shredded cheese, and pico da gallo in a TJ’s Wholegrain Tortilla’s with Oats and Flax. Meh, these tortilla’s taste like card board. >.<

After lunch I ended up taking a nap on the couch. During this time I had the strangest dream! In my dream I kept waking myself up because I needed to go get ready, but then kept finding I was dreaming that I was awake! It was sooo bizarre. I did it probably five times until Chase actually snapped me out of it to get ready for my group meeting.

The Hypnotic Nutrition group class was really great tonight. Carole taught us about self-hypnosis and it made me feel really positive about the coming week and making some healthy changes in my life.


Dinner around 9pm was three slices of tomato and green pepper Domino’s pizza and a red leaf salad with cauliflower and Caesar yogurt dressing. It tasted outstanding because I was soo hungry. I also really listened to my body on deciding whether to grab that third slice or not. And yes, I really was hungry for it.

Well, I hope you had an amazing Friday and are now getting a wonderful weekend! I’ve got my last morning at the hospital tomorrow followed by work and then one more day of weekend!


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