Admitting It

It was so nice to sleep in the hour45 minutes this morning. Ophelia, though, was not impressed and therefore made me get up before my alarm to feed her. Why did I get to sleep in? Because I get the car on Thursdays! Woot!


At this lovely later time, the sun was out enough for better breakfast photos! =D Weetabix, fresh mango, craisins, and toasted walnuts. I’m in love with this little ataulfo mango I got in my CSA box! It’s soo juicy and fresh.


Since 1) I had the time and 2) my breakfast has been doing a poor job of holding me over until lunch, I made myself a quick latte to go. Check out that foam! Mmmm! Better than Starbucks.


Lunch was…well okay I’m not proud of it! In my Experimental Foods lab we were doing taste testings so I had to consume a few pieces of granola bars so I wasn’t too hungry around noon. I had plans to make a salad…but then I saw cheese and these new Triscuits I impulse bought yesterday. I ended up eating 4 pieces of cheese with some crackers, then headed to my first day at the local food bank for some volunteer work.


After two hours of shelving food and unfortunately flaring up the pain in my right arch, I came back home to a banana and peanut butter. ❤ Refueled, I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride followed by strength training.

I have a confession. =/ My foot’s really not doing well and is starting to hurt even when I bike. I think I need to give it a break and schedule an appointment at my school clinic for a physical therapist’s opinion. I really don’t want to injure it permanently. It’s hard for me to accept this downtime, especially when it costs me more money to take the bus to work instead of walk! But…until a doctor says otherwise, I think I’d better.


After this tough workout I started my split weekend (I have a day off Friday and Sunday) with a drink. Gin & Ruby Red Grapefruit Squirt x2


For dinner, Chase was really excited for some cheap pizza so we ordered Domino’s. I got green bell pepper and tomatoes on mine and enjoyed two slices with a salad of red leaf lettuce and cauliflower with a Caesar yogurt dressing.

Since dinner I’ve ate quiet a few Cookies N Cream chocolate eggs too. >.< Arg!! Curse you white chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Admitting It

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot I think it’s wise that you get checked out before you continue exercise such a bummer! I hope it gets better :(. So did u like the crackers? They look pretty good..

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