Here We Go Again

Bleh. Okay so I’ve had worst days of school, but honestly, I just so don’t care for the social environment at mine. -_- I’m not going to go into it but I just needed to say: UGH!!!! I hope the next 11 weeks goes quickly.


Today I was up at 6am to ready myself, eat breakfast, and book it to the bus stop. I don’t have a car pool ride anymore, so everyday is going to be early. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sleepy when I got up but ready to get this day over with!

I fueled it with a delectable, crisp bowl of Weetabix with banana, raisins, and toasted walnuts. Pure love. Oddly enough, by 10am my stomach was growling for more food!


It had to wait until noon though since I have no break from 8am until then! Thank the Gods for my amazing mother helping me out with lunch money. I had nothing to bring from my fridge so I happily hit up the cafeteria for a hot lunch. New Mexico Enchilada, roasted veggies, roasted beets, and a little marinated tofu. It was absolutely amazing. However, it didn’t leave me satisfied!


With the 3.5 hour break I have on Mondays in-between classes,  I used it wisely and got some reading and homework done. Around 3pm, I finally listened to my mewing tummy and ate my snack: apple and light string cheese. Man fruit just tastes 100x more amazing when you’re hungry.

I didn’t get home on the bus until after 6pm, so I decided to just wait for Chase to get home and have dinner before working out. I vowed that by 8pm I had to head to the gym. I was a little worried that by then I would be “too tired” but I decided to have a little faith in me. ~.^


Dinner was venomously devoured. Taco salad and tortilla chips! Am I almost Taco-ed out? Well I think I’m going to have to say yes. I’m so not sure what my next big recipe is going to be though. Any suggestions?


While we watched a little TV before my 8pm workout date, I ate 9 mini egg Cookies N Cream morsels. I’ve figured it out. I just loose absolutely all control when it comes to white chocolate because I rarely allow myself to have it! Must work on this…

At 8pm on the dot I hit the gym for 60 minute hill stationary biking! See?! I can workout in the evening! I don’t need to stress over it! Huzzah! This new quarter there is going to be a lot of evening workouts so I am going to have to accept this.

Anywho, Chase is fighting a cold so we’re gonna head to bed early. Goodnight!


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