Ja matta, Spring Break

Ja matta = see you later in Japanese

That’s right, I’ve been watching anime with Chase and suddenly my interest in the Japanese language has come back! I kind of wish I’d finished my Japanese degree, but alas, it was not to be.

Japanese aside, I went a little crazy yesterday at saying sayonara to Spring Break.


The morning started off controlled enough. I was up early and eating a breakfast of Weetabix, 1/2 banana, toasted walnuts, and craisins, before heading to the hospital to delivery trays. I put in my two-weeks notice to them on Friday. I just don’t feel like I get anything out of the experience and am going to get  plenty of clinical hours now that I’m working for Carole.

Once my hour was up, I gingerly walked the 2 miles to work. However, it wasn’t gingerly enough. My injured foot was roaring in pain once I got over there. I probably should have taken the bus.


To wake myself up and add a little warmth into my cold and hurting body, I grabbed a doppio ristretto espresso with 3” hot water, one raw sugar, and a splash of half and half. Honestly I’m starting to prefer my own espresso creations at home more now!


Work was surprisingly busy and having been gone over an entire week I felt like I was continuously trying to catch up. By 11am my stomach was crying for food. O.o I was too busy to listen though and it just had to wait until noon.Then I sat down and devoured a very soggy taco salad with chips and a tangelo. It did the job.

Once I stumbled home again (at least it’s shorter on the return because my coworker, Jaycee, drops me off a little over half way there), I knew going to the gym was out. I immediately made myself a bucket of hot water with Epson salt and stuck my aching foot in.


Once Chase got home the goodbye party for Spring Break ensued. I drank way too many grapefruit juice, gin, and lavender liquor drinks and had a dinner of wheat thins (which I was happy to see are now 100% whole grain at least) and pepper jack cheese. Probably 3x what is pictured!


Hilarity ensued including trying to make Vincent look like he wears glasses.


Later, I tried a purchase that’s been sitting in my freezer. Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt: Liz Lemon flavor! Lemon and blueberry lavender! Meh, it sounds better than it tastes so I just skimmed a little off the top and put it away.

I did end up snacking on some unpictured tortilla chips and Reese’s pieces later.

Oh boy am I feeling it this morning. I feel ready to start this new quarter and give it my all though too! Goodbye, Spring Break!


4 thoughts on “Ja matta, Spring Break

  1. I love the liz lemon delish! My kids went to town on that Froyo. Sorry about your hurt foot, I have one myself unfortunately. Guess we just need to be patient, lay low and let it heal..

    • I absolutely LOVE the peanut butter and banana one….but I guess you probably guessed that. ^.~ Have you guys tried that one?

      I know I need to take it easy on my foot…but it makes me feel so much better to get a workout in! So…for now..I thinking biking is ok. It doesn’t hurt when I’m doing it so I don’t think it hits in the wrong spot.

      Thanks for the reminder though. I will continue to soak it every night and start paying for the bus more often. Seriously though, I wish I knew what I’d done to it!

      I hope your foot gets better soon too!! Injured foot twins?

      • Cereal twins and now injured foot twins 😉 Ha!! I’m the same way I will still workout even when hurt or sick but i’m trying to work on that too all about balance and taking care of ourselves…
        I love the p.b banana too it’s just so hard for me to want to spend that amount of calories on froyo but I guess every once in awhile it’s good to do!

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