As promised, a real post with words! O This morning I enjoyed sleeping in (again!) until after 10am. I know I should be getting used to waking up early again due to the new quarter starting soon but…it feels so good! The new quarter can wait until Monday.


Finally I was forced out of bed by a hungry tummy. I made a simple breakfast with low-fat yogurt, fresh strawberries, orange segments, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, raisins, and drippy almond butter. It was excellent though Vinni didn’t agree. Have I mentioned I have raised two yogurt-snobs!? They only like Greek yogurt now. -_- Seriously, I set my bowl on the floor and he looked at me like “Are you kidding? No way am I touching that..” Brat. Stare-Left

Even though I had a slow start to my day I kept it rolling by heading straight to the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. My foot is still hurting =/ so expect a lot of biking. I did go get some Dr. Scholl’s insoles today so hopefully that’ll help.


By 2pm I was hungry for lunch. I reheated my sesame crispy tofu in the oven and also reheated some peanut mustard Brussels sprouts I’ve had in the fridge. Unfortunately, these sprouts took on the odd flavors of the fridge (such as the banana I had in there!) so while I ate most of them I couldn’t do it all.


A few hours later I needed a pick me up so I made a shot of espresso and frothed some milk with my new $2.50 milk-frother from IKEA. It was like an amazing coffee shop quality cappuccino! Seriously, I highly recommend this little frother. I also ate a little biscotti I nabbed from the main office at my apartment complex. I was a little ticked they hadn’t notified me I’d had a packaged delivered when I’d been waiting all day for it, so I took their cookie!! (Package was from my sister, sending me the charger I’d left and a few sweet gifts!)

Since it was Friday night I had my three hour therapy group at Hypnotic Nutrition. Tonight we talked about fermentation (I’m totally going to try making some new things) and stress and relaxation. I need to work on relaxing more. >.<


When I got home around 9pm I was famished for dinner! I quickly threw together a taco salad with a plethora of tortilla chips. ❤ Love.


Chase and I had hit up Target earlier today and found they had Easter candy for 50% off!! I grabbed this little package of my favorite Easter treat and enjoyed it tonight. Why does everything taste better in an egg-shape!? Or am I crazy….?


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