Making Do

I was up early today to get ready for a day with my best friend. I could have made time for a workout but to be honest my right foot is acting up again. =/


Instead I got all dolled up and ate breakfast. Weetabix with fresh strawberries and raw almonds. ^_^ Oh how I missed you.

Then unfortunately Ashton had to cancel on me because poor Neea is teething. =( I should have just put on my workout clothes and went and got all sweaty but because I’d taken so much time to get ready I didn’t want to ruin it yet where there still could be plans later.

Instead I got some work done, cleaned, and watched TV.


For lunch I ate the other half of the whiskey river BBQ Gardenburger wrap I got last night with the few sweet potato fries I had left.


Since my lunch was a little small, I ended up snacking later. First fresh pineapple, then an espresso, and lastly, because I found out it was PB&J Day, a slice of toast with PB&J with ice cold milk. ❤

I didn’t end up seeing my best friend today but Chase and I did have grocery day! We hit up Target and Costco and spent probably way too much money. >.>


When we ate dinner a bit after 8pm, I was famished. We grabbed a Costco cheese pizza in which I added jalapenos (which I am suddenly in love with) and red onion. I ended up eating three whole slices! O.O Along with an attempt at a fancy cocktail: Sapphire gin and Brovo Lavender Liqueur. Note to self: need some sort of mixer with your alcohols! I ended up adding water and boy was it potent.

Well I’ve soaked my foot in Epson salt water and am now just going to take it easy. I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be able to workout again! Gnight!


2 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. What I missed PB&J day???!!! I’m so going to have to make it up tomorrow! Such a bummer you weren’t able to meet up with your bff I understand the whole teething thing poor baby… Hope you get to see Ashton tomorrow 🙂 Have a nice night girlie!

    • Haha I know right!? I was eating Weetabix when I came across the news that it was PB&J day and I honestly thought about ditching my bowl for toast. ~.^ Of course, Weetabix is to precious just to throw away!

      Sadly I don’t think I’m going to get to see Ashton again before she leaves. =/ She’s too busy.

      Thanks for your kind words, Heidi!

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