Free Day

Man it was nice to have a free day to get shit done! My morning started with my baby girl, Ophelia, head butting me in the face over and over again because (1) she wanted food and (2) she wanted her mother to get her butt out of bed! Around 9:30, I couldn’t take the abuse any longer.


For breakfast I made myself another refreshing bowl of fruit salad! Just a plethora of cut of fruit mixed with two spoonfuls of yogurt and a sprinkle or raisins and raw almonds. I’m on a total fruit kick.

Then I kept my forward momentum and hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. Following my sweat I got all the laundry done, unpacked, and tidied up the apartment. I even walked to TJ’s for milk and Weetabix!


By 2pm, I was fading fast and needing lunch. I had a slice of Dave’s Killer Good Seed Light bread with a string cheese stick melted on top along with an amazing batch of shaved Brussels sprouts with peanut mustard sauce. I’ll share the recipe for these soon!


My best friend, Ashton, is in town so the rest of the day was spent waiting around for her to call and want to do something. Eventually I made myself an espresso with honey and half and half.


I also picked up the mail that had my monthly treat from Julep! Two new amazing nail colors (I painted my hands with the blue just now!) and cuticle serum. Love these little boxes filled with fun! It’s my monthly reward to myself for keeping with my teeth brushing/flossing/mouth rinsing regiment.


Eventually Ashton did get in touch with me and we ended up going to dinner at Red Robin. I got my favorite Whiskey River BBQ Gardenburger wrap with sweet potato fries. I ate half the wrap and most of the amazing fries, along with two iced teas and one onion ring. ~.^

It was so great to see her and her daughter, Neea! Supposed to meet up again tomorrow so I will have more pictures.



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