Home Again

Well I made it back to surprisingly sunny Seattle! It was a long day of travel and I'm glad it's over. I'm going to miss being on vacation and hanging out with my sister, though I am ready to get back in gear with clean eating!

This morning started off with a very abnormal breakfast: an old fashioned doughnut and a cup of coffee! The taste of the doughnut brought me back to my childhood. Since Win and I were both three years old my father always took us antelope hunting on the rolling plains of Montana every October. No we didn't hunt but we enjoyed the experience of waking up in the back of his Trooper, abandoned in the middle of nowhere, with a box of old fashioned doughnuts and a thermos full of hot cocoa. We'd watch the sun come up tucked in our sleeping bags, enjoy our “nutritious” breakfast, and wonder if my dad and his friends had shot anything yet. Ah, good times.

While we reminisced about old times while savouring our breakfast, we drove the long trip back to LA where my flight was leaving from at 5pm. It's a good thing we left early because man was traffic bad!

We arrived near the airport around 2pm and decided we had time for a little lunch. Almost every restaurant was either closed or packed with hour long waits. >.< Luckily, we found a Mexican place, Paco's Tacos, with space. Yes I'm in love with Mexican food now. We munched on tortilla chips with salsa just for a moment though because our food arrived super fast! I just got the simpliest thing I could find: bean and cheese burrito. I forgot that more traditional Mexican doesn't come with veggies inside it so Win gave me a little lettuce and tomato from her toastada. Even minus the veggies though, this burrito was freaking delicious. I ate the entire thing.

I got into Sea-Tac a little after 7pm but didn't get home until 9. Traffic is just bad everywhere today apparently. With all the eating out I've done over the past week I only wanted one thing: fresh fruit. I ended up cutting up apples, bananas, orange, strawberries, and banana and mixing it with plain nonfat yogurt and topping it with raisins and raw almonds. MMM fruit salad. After my fruit I needed just a little salt so I had a string cheese.

It feels good to be back home! I think the babies have almost forgive me already. Tomorrow they will be all mine. ~.^ Night!



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