Last Day

Well sadly I leave sunny San Diego for Seattle tomorrow, so today was pretty much my last day of vacation fun.

It started with one last 60 minute hot yoga class. It was so perfect having this one week trial pass! The class was packed, hot, and sweaty. There were so many moments that I thought about giving up and just laying there but somehow I made it all the way to the end! Phew! I may look into hot yoga back in Seattle. My favorite sister has even hooked me up with two rockin' yoga tops.

On the walk back to Win's place we grabbed our daily espresso. Having that “last day of vacation” feeling, I splurged and got something totally abnormal: iced tall nonfat, 1.5 pump, no whip, white chocolate mocha. It was way too sweet and I regretted getting it. >.< Why do I always think I'll like these! I still drank it all but meh.

After hitting up the same Starbucks all week long and having the same barista take my order, I finally taught her what “ristretto” meant. SUCCESS. Espresso-wise I'm ready to go back to the Coffee City.

Back at the apartment I had reheated Mission food from yesterday for breakfast. It was still just as tasty but I still couldn't eat it all! I've really enjoyed listening to my body and eating intuitively this vacation. Eating what I want and stopping when I want to!

Today we hit up Little Italy's big Farmer's Market! It was gorgeous and refreshing. I love how they give out free samples of all the ripe produce. Sadly, I couldn't buy any! I did share a strawberry basil lemonade with Win though and I did end up finding some really neat jewlery! Here's one of them:
That's right! Little glasses necklace! Perfect for my job. ^_^ My mother would be proud.

After walking up and down the Farmer's Market (and apparently injuring my Achilles' tendon…), Win and I headed back to our absolute favorite spot, The Beach House at Cardiff by the Sea! Yeah, we really just wanted to relax in the sun, let my injured feet rest, eat, and drink. And oh boy did we do just that. My first round was a Caesar salad, an appetizer crispy mahi mahi taco, and an Asian mojito!

Win and I had such a good time talking and getting pretty buzzed we ended up staying for Happy Hour! Vacation, right? We both got margaritas and shared nachos. ^_^

Tipsy, we ran around the beach as the sun went down.

I'm really going to miss my sister!

And San Diego at that. It's too beautiful here.

After Happy Hour in the sun and playing on the beach we came back to Win's apartment and crashed. Maybe we were a bit dehydrated from both the sun and alcohol. Around 9pm though, we were hungry for dinner so we hit the streets (okay I limped around..), and ended up at Sips, a vegetarian fusion cafe.

I ordered the crispy tofu sweet and sour with brown rice and oh my was it good! I didn't eat it all, but I wanted to! I knew by stuffing myself I'd only be hurting myself so I didn't.

We did get dessert to-go though! Win raved about Sips vegan peanut butter brownie so we grabbed one each and picked up some milk for me. ^^ It was pretty yummy but almost too much on the cake-side for me. Oddly enough, gooey brownies are one of the only exceptions to my no chocolate baked goods. Honestly, the milk was the best part though. ~.^ I've missed it!

Back to the real world tomorrow. Luckily, I still have one more week of spring break even then!



6 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. You guys are too cute! What a fun day you guys had.. I love the picture of you on the beach so pretty. Enjoy your Sunday and safe travels 🙂

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