Surprise Day

Today turned out to be surprisingly refreshing and laid-back. Win and I have decided that perhaps we tried to pack too much into our Spring Break vacation week. >.< We just keep feeling like we are rushing everywhere!

This morning I got to sleep in while Win took her car in for an oil change though. Gods I love sleep. I am so exhausted by the end of the day here the nights just don't seem long enough. By 9am it was go-go-go again though.

We had a brunch with my sweetest reader, Heidi, to get to at The Mission of course! Heidi was the first person to suggest me eating there two years ago and since then it's become one of my favorite places in San Diego. Of course, The Mission being as amazing as it is we had a lonngg wait. Brunch turned into lunch but when we finally sat down it was well worth the wait.

I started with a nice foamy cappuccino while I mulled over the menu. It's so hard to decide what you want when you're hungry for everything! Heidi raved about their french toast with berry puree so we ended up splitting a slice between the three of us which was holy amazing! I have to take Chase here someday. He loooveess french toast.

For my entree I mimicked Heidi and got the Ginger Sesame Tofu with Brown Rice: crunchy brown rice with zucchini, gold bar squash, bean sprouts and broccoli, braised ginger sesame tofu with a light drizzle of peanut sauce. Sooo good. Due to nervousness and excitement though I ended up not eating very much of it. I just was no longer hungry. At least I have lunch for tomorrow!

It was such a fun time getting to know Heidi I was a bit sad when it was over! But by 1:30pm, Win and I had the mall to get to. Win decided she needed one of the shirts I bought last time. ~.^

We rushed through shopping (yay one more shirt for me!) and then booked it back to Win's apartment to fed the suddenly starving me and get ready for the wine cruise when had booked through Groupon. I devoured a banana and peanut butter and then got ready…only to find out that the harbor we were leaving out of was 60 miles away! >.< Win didn't know it was that far; in rush hour traffic there was no way we were going to make it on time. Oh well, we felt like we could use some down time anyway.

Instead, I treated us to an early dinner (still soo hungry!) at India Palace. We got garlic naan, basmati rice, bhandi masala (spiced okra with onions and tomato) , and dal makhani (spiced mixed lentils and beans sauteed with onion, chili, and garlic). It was absolutely delicious, comforting, and warming. I had seconds on everything minus the naan. Apparently, not really a naan fan. =/

After renting some girly chick flicks, we headed back to the apartment for the Moscato wine we picked up last night and a piece of Peanut Butter Joy from Heaven Sent Desserts (another Heidi recommenddation!). It was soo creamy but sadly, I wasn't impressed. I wanted more jelly with it!

Not going to lie, I am still feeling a little hungry so I might grab a snack later tonight! Hope you all had as good of a Thursday as I did!



4 thoughts on “Surprise Day

  1. You are a though critic! LOL!! But your bar sure is pretty 🙂 Of course the dessert you pick is going to suck after I rave about the place! I had a really nice time getting to know you guys and look forward to spending time with you in the future, bummer about your cruise but yay to relaxing.. Have a nice night you two.

    • Haha perhaps it’s like when someone raves about a movie being totally awesome and then when you go see it it just doesn’t meet the over the top expectation you’ve built up for it! ^^ Honestly though, you found me The Mission so I know you have good taste no matter what!

      Thanks so much for spending time with us! Seriously, we will have to do it again. Hope you had a good day with Lulu!

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