Fashion Day

Gah! I've been so busy it's been really hard to find time to blog! Forgive me!

Yesterday started off on the right foot with a banana before heading off to do an hour of hot yoga. There were a few poses I couldn't do because of my foot, but in general I think it was really good on my hurting body and got me to sweat buckets. On the walk home I grabbed a doppio ristretto with 2″ hot water, 1 raw sugar, and a splash of half and half to refuel.

Interesting thing about Starbucks in SoCal…they seem to think it's okay to take all day making espresso! Seriously, I've never seen a slower Starbucks before. Seems like they don't know how to drink sequence or anything…Win thinks it's due to the laid back attitude everyone has here. It's freaking nuts.

Once we got back home and all showered, Win made me a really yummy breakfast of MORE Brussels sprouts with peanut mustard sauce and a Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burger. Nom Nom.

We then headed to the Paul Mitchell Salon School in San Diego for haircuts! This was a brilliant, life changing experience for me. The students get to practice cutting hair, I get to hear how they learn to do it and have my input on what they're doing since they have to explain their whole plan to their instructor before they cut, I know if anything goes wrong the instructor will fix it, and I get a super cheap yet high-end hair job!
My hair dresser, Ashely, did a great job! I've been so afraid to get my hair cut since that catastrophe in Bellevue last year this experience was a big sigh of relief.

Here's a shot of Win and I's new do's! All spruced up for our night out.

After our long appointments (okay really they take a long time (2 hours!) but if you have the time, it's worth it!), we headed down to Ocean Beach for the most amazing fried baja fish taco I've ever eaten! With an appetizer of salsa and chips. ❤ I actually ordered two tacos but could only eat one! It was outstanding. The South Beach Bar and Grill was soo fresh and zesty and totallly a steal during happy hour! ~.^

Of course I had to get some shots of the gorgeous beach before we left. It's such a different life down here!

After our late (4-5pm) lunch we headed out to do a little bit of shopping. We ended up getting sucked into one store sale (Express!) and that blew our time and money. I got some great new stuff though, all for 40% off!

And then it was time for the main event of the day. There's this bar in downtown San Diego that is completely unlabeled. In fact, you don't even know the location of it until they text it to you the day of your reservation. It is actually hidden in the backroom of another bar! You go through a fake door of kegs. (Sorry it was way too dark to photograph it)

It's called The Noble Experiment and it's meant to be like a speakeasy back in the 20's. It was soo cool. The background behind us is a wall of skulls, like we're in underground catacombs.

Before going to the bar we met at Win's friend's house (we were a group of 6) for a pre-game drink of sangria. Once we sat down at our reserved little enclave at the bar I had two of the most amazing gin drinks I've ever tasted! The first one called an Ana Marie contained gin, lemon, sugar, logan berry liqueur, and soda water. The last one also contained gin but was an amazing cucumber thing. I LOVED IT. Seriously, G&T's can move over now.

When Win and I left around 1pm, we realized if we went to bed with all this alcohol in our tummies we were going to hurt in the morning. So we stopped at Win's favorite drunk food place that is right across the street from her house, Filiberto's Mexican Food. I had the absolute best vegetarian burrito I've ever eaten. Sure I was drunk, and everything tends to taste better then, but it honestly filled a void I didn't even knew I had. Yeah I'm super serious about this burrito. =P

Well, time for me to get ready for our next outing! Toodles.



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