Adventure Day

Today turned out really adventure filled.

It started bright and early with Win making us egg white veggie scrambles in small whole wheat tortillas. Plus a banana! (I'm in love with them) And followed by a Mexican Mocha on the road for an hour drive east of San Diego.

Off the Sunrise Highway we found amazing hiking trails! My foot is still really messed up from yesterday but getting it moving actually helped the pain subside.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

We had fun chatting and taking silly photos.

Plus the traditional “Lets try to fit our giant heads in the photo and still have some background”!

After our hike, we headed to the nearby small town of Julian where we had crisp and clean veggie wraps (half each) and split slices of pie! This town is famous for pies. We shared an apple peach crumb slice and an apple mountain berry crumb one. Perfection. Normally I find pies too sweet but these ones were just right.

On our drive back to San Diego, we got sidetracked by the Viejas Resort and Casino! Normally not gamblers, we didn't really know what we were doing…

But somehow I managed to turn my $20 into $29.66!! Victory! We quickly cashed out and ran…and didn't get very far! I ended up spending it (plus more) on a new pair of flats that have Dr. Scholl's inserts built-in. My feet felt 100x better in them.

When we got back to Win's apartment we worked on her thesis for awhile before cooking up dinner. An encore of roasted Brussels sprouts with a peanut mustard sauce and the other half of our veggie wraps. Plus some more wine!

Last time I was in San Diego Win and I got delectable desserts at a place called Extraordinary Desserts. They were soo memorable, we knew we had to go there again. This time we split a Macadamium Shortbread Cookie…

And a Strawberry Coffee Cake! Wow am I full now.

Icing my foot right now. =( Hopefully I'll be able to be more active tomorrow. I feel like I'm really letting us down!



One thought on “Adventure Day

  1. Extraor- is awesome to die for! I actually know the owner Karen super nice person… I was just thinking one of my favorite dessert places is called Heaven sent desserts just down the street from the mission delicious if u guys want to try something new. And Julian Pie nuff said! Take care of that foot!!! Night 🙂

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