Pampering Day

So while yesterday was all about family, today was definitely all about Win and I. We pampered ourselves!

We started the day off walking to Win's yoga studio and signing me up for their free weekly pass. We then did an hour long hot yoga intro class in which I sweated buckets and was extremely shaky by the end! It was intense and such a great way to start the day.

On our walk back home we stopped into Starbucks so I didn't faint. I got an iced tall nonfat latte with caramel drizzle. ❤ It's never tasted soo good. I informed Win that I'm gonna need breakfast of some sort from now on!

After trekking all the way back to Win's apartment only to find that the buildings hot water heater was being replaced so we couldn't shower >.< we changed and hit the streets again to walk to lunch.

We hit up Riki Sushi which was exactly right by the yoga studio! We munched on edamame which just reminded our bodies how hungry they were until our rolls came. I ordered a California roll and an avocado roll since I wasn't sure one would be enough. Turns out it was! I ate in total about a whole roll and we ended up leaving some. Hey, you don't have to clean your plate!

From lunch, we got pedicures and manicures at Vivian's Beauty Salon right down the street. Boy if we'd read the Yelp reviews before hand we definitely wouldn't have gone. Worst nail experience ever! The Vietnamese people sat us down, rushed through our nails no massaging or anything, and then just criticized us the whole time telling us what other things we needed done (such as waxing and such). Super rude. Plus the nails don't look that good.
After that “great” experience we walked back home so I could take a cold shower and change. I just felt too dirty and ugly after the Vietnamese laid into me. Soon though it was time for us to head to our full body massages at Happy Head Massage. We munched on tiny bananas in the car.
The massage was excellent, so relaxing, but on our way there I realized that I really messed up my right foot today. I think it was all the walking I did in flats that I'm not used to wearing. Now I have a super bad pain in my foot. Hopefully it's good enough for our day tomorrow!

Tonight we decided to eat in. Win even made sangria!

And then she cooked me this scrumptious meal! Salmon burger topped with coconut carrot puree, sauteed red onion, sweet peppers and kale, and lip-licking Brussel sprouts baked with a peanut mustard sauce. YUM! I'm totally going to have to recreate this.

Tonight we've been relaxing at home watching Silver Linings Playbook and munching on chocolate with more sangria. ❤ For example, this super cute little “carrot”. ^_^

Please check out my post from yesterday in which I've added new photos to!

More adventures tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Pampering Day

  1. Hey girlie!!
    Sounds like your having a great sisterly week so far, and it’s just the beginning 🙂 So was wondering what day would work to have brunch at The Mission, could possibly Thursday say 11:30 work if you don’t already have plans??? Let me know what’s for you guys. Have fun tomorrow!

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