Family Day

Man am I exhausted! Today was filled with one thing: family!

Including my favorite little cousin, Raiden! He's gotten so big and active. He basically ran all over all day long!

Surprisingly, I wasn't hungry for breakfast. SHOCKING I know. I knew I should eat something to get my metabolism rolling though and luckily Chris & Glo had a perfectly underripe banana for me to devour while I typed up yesterday's post.

At noon we arrived at the main event: meeting baby Evan, my cousin Derek and his wife Rita's baby boy who was born in December! Check out his hair. Born that way. Also a super sweet little guy.

Better shot of the hair!
Win's always a natural with babies.
Me? Not so much. But I do love all my baby cousins!

Group photo! (minus Chris, Glo & Raiden who had to leave due to nap time, and mother, Rita, who took the photo.)

At their gorgeous house we swarmed, 9 cousins and spouses plus 2 babies! We had a lot of refreshments: Arnold Palmer's and chips.

Plus a smorgasbord for lunch: grilled salmon, a really delicious green salad, and an equally yummy quinoa salad. (Plus some breadstick which I didn't like so didn't finish.)

For dessert Kristen (my cousin Mark's wife and who's wedding I attend last September) made a mascarpone cheesecake with fresh berries. It was really tasty but I ended up not eating it all. I just didn't need it. Intutive eating win.

We didn't end up leaving their house until 7pm! O.O It was a long visit but it was such fun seeing everyone and playing with baby Evan. Next Win and I booked it down to San Diego to get some dinner.

Since it was late, we stuck close to Win's apartment and hit up Ranchos Cocina for vegan Mexican food. Sadly, the experience was a little lacking. The menu was so huge it was hard to pick food! Plus, the waitress just decided not to bring us the margaritas we ordered. =( Instead we munched on chips and somehow made a decision. I ended up with the Veggie Trio Enchiladas: one blue corn avocado, one enfrilojada with mole, and one tofu with rice and beans. I asked for brown rice but alas no beans. (har har!) The enchiladas were really yummy and I ate pretty much the whole plate minus the blue corn avocado one(just not enough texture).

It was decent vegan fare. Tasty, filling, and satisfying.

On our way back to Win's place we hit up a CVS for Riesling white wine and dark chocolate to go along with our Red Box rental, Pitch perfect.

Ah I love vacation. ^_^ Night!



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