Did you all have a beautiful Spring Equinox?


I wish I could say I did…but check out my bus stop this morning. -_- Yeah I know I should know by now that Spring in Seattle means rain…but I was really hoping for sun and warmth today! Maybe in San Diego?


Breakfast was yet again more Weetabix with thawed strawberries, toasted walnuts, and craisins. ❤ I wish I could become a Weetabix rep. I love this stuff!

My last day of my Writing about Food & Health class went fine. We turned in our short bios and the last drafts of our nutrition news pieces. Bleh. My least favorite piece. It’s probably one I won’t be sharing. Sorry, I really just needed more guidance on structure than what the teacher gave so I still have no idea on how it’s supposed to be written. Be on the lookout for my upcoming memoir piece though!


After class my friend Desiree and I hung out in the lunch room with some free snacks. I can’t say no to trail mix even when I’m not hungry. >.< I also got this amazing  “herbal coffee” made by Teeccino. This flavor was Vanilla nut and with a touch of honey and a splash of half and half it tasted better than coffee!

Unfortunately, both Desiree and I found that we had really low energy after drinking it. Perhaps our bodies were expecting the caffeine from it and when they didn’t get it they crashed? Really no clue. I wish these herbal teas had at least a green tea amount of caffeine!


Due to the trail mix, I wasn’t too hungry when lunch time came around. I waited around a good half hour after everyone started eating and then finally found something. No way was I going to take a final on an empty stomach!

The vegetable tacos with refried beans and a pinch of cheese actually tasted really good.


For a sweet treat, Desiree and I split a package of Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups then started our final exams in Nutrition Throughout Life. I think it went okay. I know I didn’t get 100% but definitely A/B.

I got home around 2pm and headed straight to the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. I’ve been biking a lot because I have a few library books on my Kindle I need to get through!


After my workout my body was calling out for refueling. I knew I wanted dairy, peanut butter, and jelly. I thought about making toast but the bread part seemed unnecessary. Maybe a smoothie? Nope, I don’t got time to clean a blender! So instead I threw some jelly and peanut butter into the last of the cottage cheese…and it tasted amazing! Exactly what I wanted.

I spent the rest of the day forcing myself to study for my final exam, biochemistry. I think my brain is already on vacation though because unlike normal I am just not retaining all the reactions!


When Chase got home I threw together this really unappetizing looking meal. Leftover boiled cabbage and potatoes, pinto beans, and a piece of wheat toast with mozzarella. Yeah our fridge is looking really grim. Hey, I like to think this was better than the PB&J sandwiches Chase had!


For dessert I had a big glass of chocolate milk, and later, a lollipop. ❤

Anyway, I’m watching Chase play more Tomb Raider! I can always study more in the morning right? ~.^


One thought on “Spring?

  1. Totally! Study tomorrow your brain needs rest! We have nice sunny weather in SD so let’s hope when your here you don’t bring the rain with you, that would be a bummer! Happy dessersday 🙂 night-night..

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