Social Failings

When my best friend and I had a falling out a few years ago, I bought a book called How to Make Friends and Influence People. I was in a really desperate state: friend-less and lonely. During that time alone though, I really came to accept who I was and liked me for me. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have friends. After we reconciled I sold the book without finishing it. Today though, I found myself wishing I’d hung on to it. Because even though I generally like to be alone (alone meaning with Chase and my babies), sometimes I I find myself just wishing I was one of the those social people. You know, the kind that has plans with friends on the weekend, hell even just someone to sit with at lunch. Why can’t I be just like that?

Anyway, enough about my melancholy unfriendliness. I really don’t try to come off that way, I’m just very selective on who I let in. =/


Less about my social failings and on to the food!

Breakfast today was (you guessed it) Weetabix, thawed strawberries (which turned the milk pink! Yay natural colorants), raisins, and toasted walnuts. 

My first final of the day, A&P, went well. I got a 92% which I am totally okay with. Sure there were questions I knew the answer to that I got wrong due to the professor’s very poor wording, but c’est la vie. After the test I had 6 hours to wait around until my other final.>.< I crammed biochem in the library. (I also watched my last episode of Supernatural! Come on, I needed a break.)


By 11:30am my stomach would not stop growling. I wandered out into the hallway and found a little Finals Snack Table set up. ^_^ Free trail mix? Don’t mind if I do!


However, that in no means replaced lunch! Around noon I was in the cafeteria scouting food. The hot table was, again, not very appetizing, but I found some leftovers from yesterday in the prepared food section! BBQ tempeh and quinoa mac and cheese! While I stared at this TV dinner-esque tray I decided it was definitely missing some leafy greens so I made a small salad of mixed greens, cucumbers, green olives, and a drizzle of blue cheese dressing. Yum-o. Everything tasted amazing! I could have eaten a bucket of the mac and cheese.


I still had three hours until the exam though. -_- So I teamed up with a few other students (who very friendly and nicely asked if I wanted to study with them..why can’t I do that?) and went over our notes for the Food Science final. During that time I ended up downing this thirst-quenching and truly delectable Nantucket Half Lemonade & Half Tea. Seriously, I can still taste it. I may get another…>.>

And then because I thought I was going to have another mediocre dinner of boiled cabbage I also splurged on a small dessert of this tuxedo trifle. Basically cake with a coconut oilish frosting. It hit the spot though.

The Food Science final was alright. Nothing I’m worried about. I was home by 4pm so I laced up  my tennis and hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. Boy are my legs getting tight. Why can’t I remember to foam roll them every night? >.<


Even with all that study snacking I was shaky after my workout so I indulged in a few handfuls of trail mix. I couldn’t wait for Chase to get home!


And when he finally did he agreed to let me buy us burritos. I’m sorry but I really really needed something filling and hearty. Boiled cabbage is great and all but it just wasn’t gonna cut it tonight. So we hit up Taco Del mar and I got a fish burrito on whole wheat tortilla, pinto beans, medium salsa, cheese, and cabbage. Just what I needed.

Well, I’ve been trying  to study for my final tomorrow but Chase’s new Tomb Raider game finally came in the mail today and I am totally entertained with just watching it. It’s like watching a movie. ^_^ Seriously I’ve jumped and screamed the whole time. Night!


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