Call Me “Jughead”

When I was a little girl my favorite things in the world to read were Archie Comics. Anyone else read those? I would constantly be checking the used book store for volumes I didn't have and even occasionally would spend all my allowance on new crisp ones that always taunted me at the checkout counters in grocery stores. I loved these comics. In fact, the very first thing I learned to read was an Archie Comic story that had two words in it: “Archie” and “Veronica”. Stupid simple yes, but because I was able to read those two words I was filled with such joy that since that day I've been an avid reader.

One of the characters in Archie Comics was a guy named Jughead. The only really memorable thing about Jughead was that he absolutely loved to eat hamburgers. Well today, all I could think about was hamburgers, just like Jughead.

Okay so I didn't wake up thinking about burgers. =P I DID wake up hungry though! I devoured a jar of strawberry overnight oats topped with almond butter, toasted almonds, and craisins. Then I headed to the hospital for my tray delivery rounds. When I got back home I already felt hungry again!! I ignored it and eventually ended up at the gym for 45 minutes of hill stationary biking. Why 15 minutes shorter than normal? Because all I could think about were hamburgers!! I was famished.

Once I was all showered up Chase allowed me to follow my Jughead urge and we headed to Red Robin for lunch. ^_^ I ate half of a cheeseburger with a Gardenburger patty, cheddar cheese, whole wheat bun, relish, pickles, ketchup, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. WOW. It was exactly what I was craving. I also shared my steamed broccoli side with Chase and he let me have a couple french fries.

After a little bit of Target shopping, we headed back home and I chatted with Dell on the phone, trying to renew my warranty so I can get Ripley's hard drive issue taken care of. Thanks to my generous mom, things will hopefully be up and running again soon! While I figured things out I sipped on a delicious espresso with a touch of honey and half and half. This espresso machine has changed my life. ^_^

Around 5pm, I had a small snack before heading to assist Carole at Hypnotic Nutrition. Nonfat Greek yogurt, almond butter, Quaker Oatmeal Squares – Honey Nut, and fresh blueberries. That's right, I finally got my oatmeal squares! I love them so much in yogurt. Sadly, this new flavor is not my favorite.

When I got home from volunteering around 8:30pm Chase and I sat down for dinner. I made a big salad out of Chase's hamburger fixings (lettuce and tomato; he always gets them on the side so I can take them home), baby spinach, red bell pepper, and yogurt Caesar dressing, and enjoyed it with the other half of my cheeseburger. Ahh, my inner-Jughead is satisfied. Sometimes you just need a burger!



One thought on “Call Me “Jughead”

  1. Whats up Jughead! Thats hilarious 🙂 I loved the Sunday funnies growing up, my dad would have them ready for me when I woke up, memories!! Your burger looks yummo, funny you mentioned burgers I have been craving them too, must satisfy craving asap!

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