So apparently I should stop telling you all about my computer problems. Each time I do things apparently escalate and get worse. >.< That's right folks. Tonight, I am blogging, for the first time ever, on my iPad. Yep, I went out and bought a convert cord so I can upload my photos to it and luckily already have a keyboard. But let's be clear here, I doubt these posts are going to look as good since I don't have Windows Live Writer to help with the format. You've been warned!

First off I guess I'll tell you what's up with Ripley. Well last night after posting I thought I'd run some more scans and try to figure out what the silly error was I was getting at boot-up. I ran my Alien Autopsy software that came with the laptop…only to suddenly get a failed SMART test. The error had these words for me “Hard drive failure is IMMINENT. Backup your files and get a new hard drive.” Whoa. Imminent is one serious word. There are so few things in life that are imminent. However, just like the scan vowed, this morning I tried to do some work on Ripley only to have many many more crashed and system failures. The final verdict: Ripley needs a new heart. =(

So until her imminent transplant, I'll just have to make do. It's going to be a work in progress…

I had the opportunity to sleep in until 8:30am this morning but instead I found myself wide awake checking email in bed around 7am. Deciding to start my day I hit the shower and sat down for breakfast. Strawberry overnight oats topped with a spoonful of chunky peanut butter and a pinch of raisins. Overnight oats is really a great protein packed breakfast, but I keep finding it too small. Yes it keeps me full but I keep wishing I had more when I get to the bottom!

Since I had so much time before my A&P lab I sat around crying (just a little) about Ripley's imminent demise and studying for my quiz on the lymph system. While I studied I sipped this delicious shot of espresso mixed with a touch of honey and cream. I tried Nespresso's Cosi flavor which was described as light with citrus notes. I knew it wouldn't be my favorite since I like really bold espresso but it wasn't bad.

Lunch today was a little interesting. It started with free coconut pie! Just a small piece. I did turn down the chocolate one. ~.^

But why was there free pie? Well one of my sweet classmates, Andy, did really well on the last biochem test and he wanted to celebrate! He's such a sweetheart.

After pie and guzzling lots of cold water due to the sweetness, I was freezing and knew I needed to get some hot real food in me. The pickings were slim in the cafeteria yet again, but after much searching I found an amazing container of Moroccan Stew in the prepared foods section, heated it up, and enjoyed it with a wheat free parmesan rosemary roll. It turned out to be one of the best things the cafeteria's provided all week! I just need to remember to not lower my standards and keep looking.
After class today Chase and I headed to Bellevue to do some shopping. Somehow I found myself starving around 4pm so I devoured this Jo's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Graham.
One of the stores we stopped for me was World Market so I could nab these adorable espresso cups I've been looking at all year! I finally have a reason to own them. ~.^
Of course, as soon as we got home I washed them up and had another espresso! This one was called Roma and is described as full and balanced. It's also intense so I loved it. Definitely going to buy more of this blend.
Around 5:30pm, I was starving for dinner. I guess that soup didn't have enough staying power. =/ I reheated a big bowl of parsley pesto pasta with roasted veggies….but ended up throwing it out. I ate half of it and realized I was not enjoying anything about it. It was either tasteless pasta or funky tasting veggies. Foods not worth eating if you aren't enjoying it! So next I made a bowl of Wheetabix with blueberries and toasted almonds. Of course that was wonderful!
However, I was still still hungry. >.< A banana and peanut butter did the trick along with some fat-free popcorn. Some days my appetite is just strange. After this final consumption though I stuck to my guns and hit the gym for 60 minute hill stationary biking. I dumped buckets and feel great! I will sleep well tonight.
Time to see if this thing can post. Here goes nothing! Please let me know if you are having any viewing issues.



2 thoughts on “Imminent

  1. Poor Ripley need’s a new heart!! Ahhh computer issues don’t you just love it??! Hang in there my dear hopefully all will be resolved soon.. Your eats look awesome today, and Weetabix rock my world!! Have a fabulous Friday 🙂

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