She Lives!

Well at the moment I am back on my laptop, Ripley! I think everything’s back to normal besides the small registry error I get at startup. I’ll mess with that later but at least things are useable! The whole situation was my own fault since I fell out of practice on my monthly maintenance of her. =/ Won’t happen again!

NEW 001

Breakfast bright and early this morning was a jar of strawberry overnight oats topped with drippy almond butter, toasted almonds, and craisins. I may need to go back to shutting out all other things while I eat because this jar was empty before I knew it! It’s just so hard when there’s so little time in the day to study/read emails/blogs and whatnot.


Lunch today was another disappointment. =/ What is going on with the cafeteria!? I ended up with a massage kale salad topped with tomatoes, roasted beets, and marinated tofu. It really was as unamazing as it sounds. Since I knew this small salad wouldn’t fill me up I also got a small bowl of vegan chocolate pudding with a few crumbles of blueberry streusel for some texture. Nom nom.


At work tonight I brought some healthy snacks: apple, hard boiled egg, and a TJ’s string cheese. However, I saved the cheese for another day and ate my apple and egg instead. Then I ended up snacking on a few pieces of chocolate out of the chocolate drawer. >.< Whoops. Should of just had the cheese after all!

NEW 002 

Wednesday’s after work have apparently become Taco del Mar days. Trying to have something a bit healthier, I ordered a Fish Baja Bowl this time instead of a burrito and piled it all on huge amounts of baby spinach. It was pretty tasty and I didn’t feel as stuffed as I do with a burrito, but it also left me not as satisfied. ~.^

Well please let me know if you are having any issues viewing this post or if things just look strange! Thanks for sticking around during these technical difficulties.


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