Still Struggling

Well, I was hoping I’d have Ripley all up and running for tonight’s post but alas, it has not been a good evening. I’m not ready to cry yet so that’s a good sign, nor have I stuffed my face with food to fuel my stress. ^_^ Yet I have still had those moments where I’ve reminded myself to just breathe.

NEW 001

This morning I popped open a jar of banana overnight oats topped with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter and some raisins. It was actually really delicious. Maybe I have just been getting tired of blueberries/strawberries, sunflower seed butter, and golden raisins? Sometimes I struggle with variety. >.<


I used my new Nespresso U machine to bring to class a delicious espresso. I used a Fortissio Lungo capsule (supposed to be rich and tense. Lugo means it’s a longer shot) mixed it with a touch more hot water, a little honey, and a splash of half and half. A little too sweet (my own fault) and a touch more acidic than I like my espresso. I blame the long shot. That’s why I like them short and sweet (ristretto!).


By 11:30am I was so hungry for lunch I ate a little early. Sadly, our lunch options were really not great today. Seriously, where was all the protein!? I ended up getting a bowl of Black Bean and Barley soup (which seriously had maybe 10 beans in it) and another honey kissed wheat-free baguette. I’m glad I had that dense bread because the soup was so flavorless and not fulfilling! Really not sure what’s going on with our normally stellar cafeteria kitchen.

During real lunch time (12-1pm) I attended a Q&A on the DPD program. (Didactic Programs in Dietetics) It was great to hear about the process for applying and also getting some insight into the internship that must be done after the coursework in order to be eligible to take the registered dietician exam. Sadly, it looks like I will probably have to move to another state to do my internship. =/ I’m not looking forward to that because I love it here so much!

I ended up not eating my after school snack but I did eat one sugar cookie that was made in my Food Science lab. I forgot to snap a picture! While eating it though I kept thinking “This is how every day should end: with a warm hot gooey cookie straight from the oven.” ^_^ Of course it won’t though!

Fueled by the flour, sugar, and butter, I hit the gym for a 30 minute interval treadmill run at 2.0 incline. I really had to push myself through this workout because gosh it was tough!

NEW 002

For dinner tonight I made Chase and I whole wheat pasta with parsley pesto and roasted veggies (red bell pepper, onion, yellow squash, crimini mushrooms, broccolini). Mmm sometimes you just need a really hardy meal to warm up your insides and feed your muscles.

NEW 003

Chase gave me the last 1/4 cup of Life he had left, which I of course couldn’t turn down, so I plopped in a few blueberries and poured on the milk. Just a little bitty cup and totally worth it.

Well, back to Ripley. =/ It’s so not going well.


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