You Can’t Keep Me Away

Wow. So Ripley is totally dead at the moment. I was able to restore her and start reinstalling programs only to find that she still wasn’t starting up correctly. At least now I can remove all my files to my external hard drive before I completely wipe her and start anew. So how am I posting this? Why by fishing my old laptop, Ivanka, out of the closet! This old Dell saw me through a lot and she still works…just slowly. ^_^ Hopefully tomorrow I will have the time to once and for all fix Ripley. ./fingers crossed

Anyway I don’t have my regular photo editing software so bare with me!

20130304-NEW 007

I started my day off with a big bowl of Greek yogurt mixed with Granola Chips, almond butter, blueberries, and toasted almonds. I think I could get hooked on yogurt bowls again with the right mix-in’s. However, probably cheaper if I don’t.


It was simply gorgeous out today. However, I stuck to my plan and hit the gym for 60 minutes hill stationary bike ride followed by strength training. After getting myself decent again I did go out and enjoy the sun with a walk to Trader Joe’s to grab a few things. Boy did it feel nice basking in the sun.

20130304-NEW 008

I’m loving my salad kick right now. Around 2pm I fixed up this beauty: baby spinach, red bell pepper, fat-free cottage cheese, TJ’s Champagne Pear Vinaigrette, and some toasted almonds. Along with my salad I toasted a slice of Toasted Millet and Fruit bread with Havarti cheese.

An hour or so later I also enjoyed an unpictured banana and crunchy pb. ❤ I wasn’t exactly hungry for it..just antsy.

NEW 001

Antsy for this! My Nespresso U machine finally arrived and I made myself a ristretto shot mixed with hot water, half and half, and a little bit of honey! I took one sip and went “Daaammmmnnn, this is good.” Seriously I said that out loud to Ophie-tot. It’s better than Starbucks! I can’t wait to use it more.

NEW 003

Due to my computer problems, I didn’t feel like cooking dinner. In fact, I was in quiet a ticked off funk so when Chase suggested eating bowls of Life for dinner I agreed. Life topped with fresh blueberries and toasted almonds. Holy yum. Surprising how satisfying this dinner was too.

NEW 004

I felt like I needed some juice to go with it though, so I ate this tiny tangelo. Boy was it refreshing. Tart and sweet both at the same time.

Well, hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow night with dazzling photos and a laptop that’s working like it was born yesterday! Have a good night!


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