Technical Difficulties

So perhaps saying I was off to “fix up Ripley” was not a good way to end my previous post. Maybe a few of you may have had the insight to go “Hmm this is bound to end badly.” Well…you’d be right.

It started off okay. I ran file clean up, defragged, and even configured her startup programs since she was acting abnormally slow. I even updated and scanned her hard-drives with my virus scanner. That should have been enough. But then I saw the virus scanner software mention Free Tune-up software! :O It was bound for failure from the start.

Don’t get me wrong, the software worked well enough but me, trying to stay ahead of the game, messed it all up. I tried to uninstall the 1-day trial tune up software before it was ready I guess. Because the whole system crashed and could no longer boot my operating system. =/ That’s right I had to system restore my whole computer. >.<

Hopefully all my photos, music, and documents backed-up alright. Hopefully I'll have time to get in my daily post in an hour or two. =/ I apologize!


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