Lagging About

Having some computer issues so please forgive me that this post is so long over due!

20130303-NEW 001

It was so nice to have an actual laid-back weekend day yesterday. I slept until Vincent decided it was time for me to wake up (about 9:30am) and then made myself a simple bowl of Weetabix, fresh blueberries, craisins, ground flax, and toasted almonds. Sure I had time to make a hot breakfast, but I went with what I wanted instead.

Next up on my agenda was to finally get back to the gym! 60 minute hill stationary biking commenced and I was a sweaty mess by the end. It felt great!

20130303-NEW 004

Afterwards though I was in need of a post-workout snack. Banana and Adams 100% Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter! I grabbed this giant jar at Costco because the price just could not be beat.

20130303-NEW 005

Around 1pm, I made myself  a simple yet tasty lunch. Spinach salad with red bell pepper, yogurt Caesar dressing, and shaved parmesan. Plus some toasted pieces of Toasted Millet and Fruit bread with a slice of Havarti cheese.


The rest of my day was spent like this. Both babies piled on top of me while we just vegged on the couch watching TV. ^_^ Hey, you get one of these days every once in awhile right? I didn’t do any homework!


Around 4pm I had a half a pint of chocolate milk. ❤

20130303-NEW 006

For dinner around 7pm, I heated up leftovers of roasted yam, sautéed chard, and  honey lentils.

Tonight I ended up having tea, a lollipop, and some fat-free popcorn. Really trying to curb the after dinner snackage but it was just not to be last night.

Anyway, back to fixing up Ripley! (my laptop)

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