Big Check

I have to admit, it was very nice to not go deliver trays at the hospital this morning. I didn’t want to chance getting someone sick so I cancelled. And oh boy was it amazing to wake up, slip on my workout clothes, and go get in my strength training first thing on a Saturday morning!

20130302-NEW 001

When I got back in the door I was hungry! Trying to get through my Greek yogurt I dished out a cup and topped it with some thawed frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup raw oats, ground flax, a spoonful of sunflower seed butter, and a pinch of craisins. Honestly, yogurt bowls just aren’t doing it for me anymore! I’m soo into cereal right now. =P This just has so much more protein though!


I hustled my walk to work and damn was it nice out! 55 degrees! I can’t wait for spring. When I got to work I headed into Starbucks and nabbed my doppio espresso, one raw sugar, 3” hot water, splash of half and half, and a dash of nutmeg. (I’m so giddy! My Nespresso machine arrives Monday!)


Work went well and by noon I was hungry again. I ate half of my spinach topped with the last of the Triple Grain Waldorf salad and white beans along with a hard boiled egg. I could have eaten the whole thing but I was satisfied so why force myself to be full? I ended up eating the other half when I got home from work to stave off pre-dinner snacking.


Later at work though I ate a tangelo and a mini White Reese’s Egg. I know, I know. I was going to ignore it in the candy drawer but….the egg shaped Reese’s are the best and I’d never see a white chocolate one before! I savored every bite.

20130302-NEW 003

Tonight was somewhat of a celebration due to the fact we finally received the big check from our renter’s insurance company due to our Christmas Day theft. Chase and I were super excited! We had to hound the company every week since they didn’t seem to be doing anything with our claim for two months. (Ignore my crazy hair, I had just been rained on..)

20130302-NEW 010

To celebrate (after grocery shopping at Costco), we picked up Pen Thai takeout! I steamed yellow squash and red bell pepper and piled my favorite pad sew eew with tofu on top. I ended up eating all of the pad sew eew but I at least waited an hour in between servings to see if I was still hungry. I also had half a glass of Ménage a Trios red wine.

My hot drink for tonight: no sugar added hot cocoa.


4 thoughts on “Big Check

  1. Finally the check!! Good for you and Chase keeping after the insurance guys it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks but when it’s $ owed to you that’s a different story… Btw my kids are totally into weetabix they love it! They are total texture kids and like me to mix the chobani bites greek with milk, and frozen raspberries. It’s a really good combo. I have found I like to eat the
    weetabix with kashi go lean layered on the bottom and the weetabix on top after I put in my milk that way it doesn’t get soggy super quick. When you have your wbix do you eat the 2 bisquits or do you need more to feel satisfied?

    • That’s awesome that your kids love it! I love how low in sugar it is, though I do wish they’d leave the sugar out all together since you totally can’t taste it. I also love Kashi Golean! We are cereal twins. I almost bought some today at Costco but my heart was set on Quaker Oatmeal Squares that they were out of so I left without any. =(

      I just do the two biscuits and I do find that it keeps me full until lunch. I make sure to have some nuts in my bowl though otherwise I don’t think it would. I’m also using 2% milk so the fat from that also keeps me going.

      • Cereal twins!!! Ya I use ff milk and no nuts maybe thats why it doesn’t last me, good to know, and your right it does resemble porridge when it brakes down..delish!

        • Haha I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! It takes a little getting used to and then BAM, you’re hooked! It’s very very sneaky. >.>

          I highly recommend adding a little bit of fat to your breakfast. I know, due to Weight Watchers, a lot of us are afraid of a little fat especially when there are easy non-fat options that don’t taste bad! But having all three of the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) at each meal really helps you stay satisfied because each are digested at different rates.

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