Boo-Boo Faced

I felt like this in the morning.

20130228-NEW 006

I’m henceforth naming this my “Boo-Boo Face”.  Squinty eyed and tired looking. =( If you can’t tell, I’m still sick.  I was flushed and sneezing all day long at school.

20130228-NEW 001

I thought about making a nice hot breakfast this morning but after showering all I wanted was ice cold cereal on my throat. Popped amaranth, banana, craisins, peanuts, and ground flax did the trick.


I wasn’t hungry at lunch time so instead I ate this small peanut butter and chocolate chip vegan cookie that I got for free from doing a survey in the hallway while I crammed for my exam.


About an hour later I was ready to eat. No I didn’t feel like my packed lunch so I grabbed an overpriced bowl of tomato and lentil soup and a delicious honey-kissed wheat-free French baguette. YUM. The soup tasted roasted and savory while the bread had an amazing chew to it from the gluten-free flours. Plus check out it’s cute presentation! To be honest, I’d totally buy this again.

My exam went really well. ^_^ But boy was the day long. I developed a fever and a headache and ended up not leaving campus until 5:30pm due to a late lab. BLEH.

20130228-NEW 008

As soon as I got in my door around 6pm I threw together dinner. I was starving! Spinach salad topped with raw red bell pepper, white beans, hard boiled egg, and TJ’s Pear Gorgonzola dressing. For more staying power I also finished off my toasted millet and fruit bread with a slice of Havarti cheese.

20130228-NEW 009

However, this meal just fueled my sudden hunger and I ended up serving myself a 1/2 cup Greek nonfat yogurt with a big ol’ spoon of Cookie Butter and craisins. I’ve also had a glass of Theraflu and a mug of chocolate milk! I know right, ravenous!

Tea/water from here on out. Hopefully my medicine (that I can finally take since I don’t need to be concentrating studying all the time) will do the trick and I’ll be doing better tomorrow! Night.


One thought on “Boo-Boo Faced

  1. Booboo is precious! Hope the theraflu kicks in so u can have a nice un-interrupted night sleep…. Take good care of yourself Robyn and get better already, sister ;)!

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