Just Kidding…

Did I write that I was “on the mend” yesterday? Yeah, well I was just kidding. Today I was way sicker than before! Seriously, I thought about instead of going to work after class, just going home, downing some Theraflu, and crawling into bed. Of course I didn’t do this…but that’s how I was feeling. My nose is super stuffy and gross, my sinuses are all congested and I keep sneezing all the time. T.T I can’t wait for my exam to be over tomorrow so I can stop forcing myself to focus!

20130227-NEW 001

Early this morning I ate a simple breakfast of Weetabix, banana, craisins, peanuts, and ground flax. Yeah I know, I’ve fallen back on the Weetabix all the time train but I just love it so much and it’s so easy.


At noon I had a really excellent lunch because I made it myself. ~.^ I brought a Tupperware filled with baby spinach, topped with Triple Grain Waldorf Salad, and white beans. Also a hard boiled egg for more protein. (That random jar in the back is the jar of freshly made lemon orange marmalade my friend, Desiree, gave me!)

Desiree and I scoped out the dessert bar and decided Dessersday came early this week. I had the best almond butter and jam bar ever! Everything I love about PB&J minus the bread! I loved every bite. 100% worth it.


My lunch almost lasted until my late dinner. However, I found my stomach starting to hurt at work around 5pm so I ate my snack of Havarti cheese with toasted millet and fruit bread. MMMMMmmm. I love the whole fruit and cheese combo.

20130227-NEW 002

Due to the late nature of my Wednesday nights, Chase has decided that we should make Wednesday’s burrito nights at Taco del Mar. I got my usual fish burrito on a whole wheat tortilla, pinto beans, cheese, cabbage, tomatoes, salsa, no rice, and no white sauce. Even though I love the taste of the white sauce I hate how I don’t really know what it is and that it’s 100 kcal that are all fat! I don’t need that junk! I ate my burrito and enjoyed it just as much. ^_^

Well I need to go make sure I have glycolysis and gluconeogenesis memorized for tomorrows test! G’night!


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