On the Mend

Blarg! Still sick. =/ My body let me sleep in until 11:30am though! It really needed the rest.

20130225-NEW 001

Then I took the time to make myself a hot breakfast of plain oats (1/3 cup raw oats, 1 tbsp. gluten free hot cereal, 1 tsp. ground flax) topped with a spoonful of Cookie Butter and craisins. To increase my protein intake (Carole @ Hypnotic Nutrition totally swears by 30g of protein in the morning so I’ve been really trying to stay true to that), I also had a hard boiled egg with S&P on the side.

After eating my egg, I went to work on my nutrition news piece on eggs and heart health! It was pretty interesting to read about but really the only conclusion I came to is that everything is okay in moderation. I also found that there are a lot of one-sided scientists/specialists.

20130225-NEW 002

I really wasn’t hungry for lunch around 3pm but I did end up snacking on a slice of Havarti cheese with the last of the crumbled Stacy’s Multigrain Pita Chips. I hate how my body never feels like vegetables when it’s unwell. >.<

20130225-NEW 003

Eventually I got to baking some bread. This week I made Healthy Brad in Five Minutes a Day‘s Toasted Millet and Fruit bread. I baked two loaves and slipped one in the freezer while I tried a hot piece of the other with some butter. Yum-o. I love the texture.

20130225-NEW 004

For dinner I stuck to a bowl of vegetable and ravioli soup topped with a bit of fresh shaved parmesan. I love tomato based soups. ❤

20130225-NEW 005

The soup really only made me realize I was hungrier than I thought though so I allowed myself to have half a bowl of nonfat Greek yogurt topped with a spoonful of raspberry jam, roasted peanuts, and a pinch of white chocolate chunks too. ^_^ Mmm.

My body is at least starting to feel like it is on the mend. Hopefully it’ll be ready to hit the gym tomorrow!


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