Nutrition News Help

Hi guys I have a favor to ask of all of you! My next (and final!!) piece in my Writing about Food & Health class is nutrition news. I need to choose a current food politics headline or recently researched nutrition topic and write a piece portraying the excerpt opinions for and against it.

Well what would you guys like to know about!?

Here are some examples but please feel free to make suggestions:

  • Does the current farm bill support organics?
  • Does high fructose corn syrup metabolize differently than refined sugars?
  • Should pizza be considered a “vegetable” in our school lunch programs?
  • Does having calorie information on menu boards really have an effect?
  • Does intuitive eating actually keep weight off?
  • Is the paleo diet healthy?
  • Do vitamins C and E prevent macular degeneration (blindness)?

I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys want to learn about! Please don’t be afraid to post and do so ASAP. I sort of need to write my first draft today/tomorrow! I know, I procrastinated….

Thanks for your time!


5 thoughts on “Nutrition News Help

  1. Hi Robyn, I am interested & know you can find lots of info of the use of antioxidants vit c,d3,e,zinc,zeaxanthin,mixed tocopherols, & lutein to prevent or slow dn macular degeneration.

    Sandy Sheppard

  2. Hi Robyn,

    Probably too late but here’s a good web site on every topic dealing with food politics. It’s by Marion Nestle, from Columbia University’s Nutrition Dept.
    (I just picked one blog post at random that looked like it might be relevant; she has posts on almost every one of the topics you mentioned.)

    As for sugars, the following video by UCSF Prof. Robert Lustig (pediatric endocrinologist) shows the dangers of fructose. He says it is toxic to the liver; it has all the dangers of alcohol without any of the pleasures. Here’s a 9-minute video on difference between sugar and fructose for the body:

    For the full technical explanation of how fructose is metabolized, there’s this video:
    Lustig gives the biochemical explanation at around 42 minutes and 14 seconds into the presentation. It’s a long video, an hour and a half.

    Most scary of all, it appears that obese women are passing on a different fat metabolizing cycle to their infants, thus creating a cycle of obesity in the next generation. Seven minute video:

    Even if you don’t have time to pursue this topic for the upcoming paper, lots here for a future one. All of your topics sounded interesting!

    Good luck,

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