Mindful Eating

Do you know who doesn’t like it when her mother sleeps too much?

20130222-NEW 003

Yes that’s right, Princess Ophelia Theodora Wakinto Fizz Stubbs doesn’t. She was the bane of my existence all night and eventually knocked my cellphone off my side table so that it turned off and my 7pm alarm didn’t go off! Luckily, at 7:20am, tired of waiting for it to go off I had a look. Phew!

20130222-NEW 005

I then quickly got dressed, threw up my hair, devoured a bowl of popped amaranth with cutup pear, a handful of almonds, a sprinkle of dried currants, and a teaspoon of ground flax. Mm why is cereal so darn delicious?

I then made it on time for my volunteer tray delivery at the hospital. It went alright and before I knew it I was back home and heading to the gym. I did 60 minute hill stationary bike ride followed by 30 minute elliptical. I needed to make up for yesterday!

20130222-NEW 004

By the end of it I couldn’t believe how sweaty and worn out I was. Plus I was hungry!! I’ve been really craving cheese lately and since it was 11am and therefore not lunch time I made myself a snack of a toasted piece of wheat bread with parmesan cheese. I must go buy more cheese!

After getting a touch of homework done, Chase and I headed out to Bellevue Square because I had the Hello Kitty store to get to! I purchased something for Blueberries and Oats Anniversary giveaway in May and received a free gift for myself in return. ^_^ Show it to you shortly.


At almost 2pm we finally decided to eat lunch. Taco Del Mar is the only burrito place I like and man did I have a hankering for beans and cheese so there we went. I ended up getting a whole grain fish burrito with pinto beans, cabbage, white sauce, medium salsa, and no rice! Man it has never tasted so good. I was soo hungry.

20130222-NEW 005-2

Here’s my free gifty and the main reason I purchased anything. ^_^ Yep, Sanrio had their yearly “Thanks for being our Facebook friend” coupon and I had to have this amazing pint glass! I enjoyed a big glass of chocolate milk later in the day just so I could use it.

We had our weekly Power Program group tonight and amazingly enough the topic was mindless/mindful eating. Perfect for my new challenge, right? So now I have even more things to try to really conquer my mindless eating by really focusing on being mindful! Such as…

  • Eating without distractions. For the next week I’m going to eat breakfast without reading emails, blogs, etc.. I’m just going to simply eat and enjoy my food. Too many times I’ll find my jar is empty before I know it.
  • Put down your utensil. Again, to help me eat more mindfully and slow down I’m putting down my fork in between bites.
  • Both these things will help me really savor and taste my food and thus give me more satisfaction.

20130222-NEW 008

In fact, I tried this with my dinner around 8:30pm! I had brown rice, the last of the baked beans, maple steamed collard greens, and a bit of cut up avocado. It was amazing how much better it tasted when I really thought about what was in my mouth and really chewed it. I’m very excited to eat with my new way of eating now! I’ve just felt so unsatisfied lately this sounds exactly like what I need to really help that.

Do you practice mindful eating?


3 thoughts on “Mindful Eating

  1. I’ve been praticing mindful eating for a few months now, and it really does help! Super easy to relapse into old habits, though. But it is worth it to really slow down!

  2. I love to relax & eat w no distractions. It feels so good and I enjoy my breakfast & lunch so much more. Wish I could do it again at dinner, but gotta watch the news you know! Thanks for reminding me how peaceful & relaxing it is to not rush thru a meal. It’s almost as good as having a glass of wine to sip!

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