Sooo I’ve definitely noticed that it’s that week before my lady days! My appetite is voracious in the evening!

20130219-NEW 002

Early in the morning I devoured some overnight oats mixed with fresh blueberries, sunflower seed butter, and a pinch of dried currants. Have you ever had currants before? This is my first time eating them…well to my knowledge. They taste very similar to raisins but less…voluptuous? Nutritionally speaking dried currants apparently have a touch more calcium (2% vs. 1%)  and iron (5% vs. 3%) than raisins. Interesting!


The hot lunch today was pumpkin & tofu lasagna and sautéed greens kale.  My school loves kale. It was pretty tasty but a little too sweet for me. I like my lasagnas savory! I ended up enjoying Dessersday early because they finally had lemon bars at the dessert bar! One of my friend’s works in the cafeteria and told me about making them a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve been searching for them. It was a nice small bar and it wasn’t too sweet like some are. Totally worth the wait.

20130219-NEW 003

When I got home at 5pm I needed a little snack before I could even fathom hitting the gym. A half a cup of Greek yogurt mixed with a spoonful of homemade raspberry jam and a dash of roasted peanuts. Loved it! We were talking about fermented food in Food Science today and I just kept tasting the tanginess of Greek yogurt in my mouth the entire time.

Then I did indeed hit the gym for a 25 minute interval treadmill workout. Yes that’s right, I had to cut out the last interval because I had to use the bathroom like none other. >.< It’s really hard to run when you feel like that…

20130219-NEW 004

Dinner was kind of a hodge-podge of leftovers: roasted beets with a little butter and salt, Triple Grain Waldorf Salad, and a slice of whole wheat toasted with Monetary jack cheese. To be honest, the salad ended up to be too cold  (I had goosebumps!) so I ended up putting it back in the fridge and toasting another hot, gooey slice of bread and cheese. Call me crazy, but sometimes I’m blown away how tasty the simple things are.

20130219-NEW 005

For dessert I had yet another hankering for Life cereal, frozen mixed berries, a pinch of toasted walnuts, and ice cold milk. Yeah it made me colder but was soo good. Sometimes I wonder if I should do what Intuitive Eating suggests and allow myself to just live off of cereal for awhile. Really allow myself to eat what it “wants” so it will lose it’s sway over me. (Side note: Wow! Once I get my RD certification I could become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and perhaps really help people like I want to!!!)

Well I need to finish my final edit of my food education piece on blueberries! Be sharing it with you all soon.


2 thoughts on “Voracious

  1. Cereal is a tough one especially Life, it’s good stuff!! Speaking of Lemon bars…every Thursday I take a pilates class downtown. After my class I always grab a coffee in this local coffee shop, they have these gigantor lemon bars that look delish that I always avoid WHY?? You have totally inspired me to get one, plus it will be dessersday 🙂 and I love them.. nuff said!

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