Excited Planning

Oh boy do I have big news today! I finally have a trip planned for Spring Break!! ^_^ I’ve never gone anywhere for Spring Break in my entire life. In fact, I remember watching an entire season of The Apprentice one spring break in High School and that was the most eventful one I can think of… SO I just booked my flights to fly on down to sunny (hopefully) San Diego to spend a week with my sister, Win! I figured why not use my tax return on something completely fun and family-oriented. Yes I did consider instead flying home to Missoula, MT but then I thought about how not very nice it is there in March. =P

Anyway, it’s been hard to contain my excitement but I’ll try to tell you about my food!

20130218-NEW 003

I woke up around 10am and made myself an easy breakfast of popped amaranth with toasted walnuts, fresh blueberries, and ground flax. I still love this cereal, but Weetabix is still calling my name. When I find myself in Trader Joe’s again I’ll probably snag another box. >.>

After breakfast I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride where I finished my library book, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, and followed it with strength training.

20130218-NEW 004

Eventually I was hungry for lunch after doing a bit of homework. I had Triple Grain Waldorf Salad with homemade dill pickles, freshly roasted beets, and a small cup of nonfat Greek yogurt topped with raspberry jam and a few roasted peanuts. There was nothing on my plate I didn’t love. ^_^

20130218-NEW 007

After lunch the babies piled on my lap while I studied the endocrine system for my A&P exam tomorrow. I enjoyed a mug of hot cocoa while I did this because I was freezing! We need the nice weather to return.

20130218-NEW 009

Around 5pm I was getting pretty hungry but still had an hour and a half to wait for Chase to get home. I ended up munching on this All Natural Q.Bel Crispy Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar. It was interesting…It did the job for my sweet tooth but I wouldn’t say I’d go out of my way to eat one of these.

20130218-NEW 010

Finally around 7pm it was time for dinner. I’d thawed out the last of those BBQ baked beans I’d made weeks ago and had a portion with some brown rice, roasted beets, and quick steamed maple collard greens. It all went really well together and made me a complete protein. ^_^ Beans + Rice.

20130218-NEW 011

Later though I was unsatisfied and really craving a tiny bowl of Life cereal with frozen mixed berries. Why does Life taste soo good!? I keep looking at the ingredient list (really not the worst thing I’ve seen but certainly not great) trying to figure it out but I can’t!

Anywho, do any of you have plans for Spring Break? Or anyone have suggestions for what to do/see/eat in San Diego?? I will for sure be hitting up my favorite The Mission restaurant!! (Heidi are you game?)


12 thoughts on “Excited Planning

  1. Yay for scheduling a trip for Spring break!! I am planning to do the same! I took the week of my Spring break off from work since I had carried 40 hours of vacation time over from last year! So no school or work for me for a week 🙂 I am planning to go out to Colorado during that time. I am thinking it is going to be a solo trip. Scary but exciting at the same time!

    When you eat popped amaranth, do you just make what you are going to eat that morning, or do you have a big batch made up for the week? And I’m pretty sure we had some telepathic thing going on – I just opened a jar of dill pickles I had canned last summer too!

  2. i love san diego, it has the perfect weather and a great atmostphere. i would love living there someday. see if you get the chance to go hiking for fun, go to the san diego zoo, its amazing. and if you’re looking for a healthy place to eat go to soup plantation, i love the salad bar and is all you can eat as well!

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