Hm. I don’t know how I feel about today.  I did my usual awake at 8:30am by the babies and then allowed to sleep until 10:30am. It is my Saturday after all. ^_^


For breakfast I knew I had to get cracking on my homemade loaf of quinoa bread I’d had in the fridge since it had started to grow mold a few days ago. I just can’t go through bread fast enough! I started with two small slices with sunflower seed butter, Jaycee’s homemade raspberry jam, ground flax, half a pear, and a glass of milk. Then, when I wasn’t completely satisfied, I toasted up another small piece with cookie butter.

I ended up throwing the rest of the bread away. =/ I know when I’ve been defeated. I also tossed the rest of the dough that had been sitting for too long in the fridge. Okay I think I’m taking a bread break for awhile.

Next in my planner (yes I keep a planner every day and get joy out of checking off each activity), was to get my sweat on with a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride followed by strength training. It felt great.

When I got back home I proceeded to try and clear the wreckage that was my kitchen after a few days of us cooking and not cleaning. >.< I should have taken a before picture because it was a disaster! P.s. I’ve misplaced the cap to my Costco-size bottle of EVOO. Help!!

Eventually I got to showering and preparing lunch around 2pm.

20130217-NEW 003

Brown rice with the last of the sweet and sour purple cabbage and a little tea cup of unsalted roasted peanuts for protein. It was surprisingly pleasing.


For the rest of the day I worked on biochemistry reading (didn’t finish…was too bored) and eventually I finished my take home Food Science project. Phew was that a lot of work. Hopefully it’s enough. While I did all this…I got a bit snacky. One handful of pretzels with white chocolate chunks and a few hours later a mini sleeve of Saltines with the last of the Dubliner cheddar cheese.

Can I just say that I am getting really awesome at only having one handful of pretzels? If you’ve been a long time reader, you may know that I consider pretzels a major trigger food. I can’t usually stop eating them! But since Chase bought this bag he’s allowed me to have one handful, just one, when I want some and it’s really helped me moderate myself! Now if I could just do this with nuts…

20130217-NEW 006

Due to this big snackage, I wasn’t really that hungry for dinner tonight. I heated up the last two small sticks of Dijorno Four Cheese Dipping Strips, topped them with black olives, and ate it with a pear.

20130217-NEW 007

A few hours later Chase and I decided to finish off the last of our hand-dipped chocolate covered blueberries. ❤ Delicious.

Looking at my food I’d say I did alright today. I do wish I’d gotten my biochemistry reading done but hey, there’s still time right?…I just don’t care about gluconeogenesis at the moment!!!

One thought on “Productive?

  1. I totally get the pretzel love, the butter flavored Snyders pretzels, those are a total trigger food for me they are a favorite!
    I’m proud of you 😉 it’s though to be in control especially when you just want to jam on it!

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