Not Enough

Yikes. My hunger was a bit ravenous today…

20130216-NEW 002

It started off fine. I climbed out of bed, again exhausted, and, like a zombie, ate my strawberry overnight oats with a spoonful of crunchy cookie butter, the last of the golden raisins, and a sprinkle of dry roasted unsalted peanuts.

Then I was over at the hospital again to pass out trays. Man do I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. This early morning volunteering is getting tiring! I emailed in today to ask how many hours I’ve accumulated so I can figure out how much longer I have to keep doing it. =P

Since I no longer have a bus pass (long story) I had to book it the ~2 miles to work as soon as I was done with the trays. It was cold an damp and I think I developed some blisters on my feet but I made it with time to spare.


To warm up I went to Urban Coffee Lounge for the last time to cash in my free drink. I was feeling adventurous so I got an 8 oz. nonfat white chocolate raspberry mocha. Whoa was it sweet. So sweet that when I was half way done with it I was, well, done with it. I dumped the rest down the sink. Why keep consuming something that doesn’t taste as good as it started? I think this is a good habit to keep.


It was around noon that the ravenous action hit! Seriously, I watched the minutes tick very slowly until I couldn’t take it any longer! My lunch ended up smaller than I thought it would since the hard boiled egg I’d left in our mini fridge had a slight smell to it and a bad look. I threw it away and ate the rest: Triple Grain Waldorf Salad on top of lettuce, a Monetary Jack cheese stick, and a grapefruit.


It kept me full for two hours…but then I started looking for more food. I started with one Lindt chocolate (man I love these) then ate the last 2/3rds of the Odwalla Berries GoMega bar I’d opened a few weeks ago. That did the trick!

20130216-NEW 003

Well until I walked in the door of my apartment that is. The trek home had been a little rough since it was raining and cold! Hmph. I felt so worn out I decided to move my strength training to tomorrow. This gave me time to get right to work on the take home food additive midterm project I have due on Tuesday. While I worked on it (man is it a lot more work than I’d planned!) I ate some Dubliner cheddar cheese with a mini sleeve of Saltines. Also eaten were a few handfuls of peanuts…

20130216-NEW 005

When Chase got home he declared that we were going to have round two of delicious Costco spinach and mozzarella ravioli for dinner. We enjoyed it with roasted sweet peppers, onion, and carrots dressing in EVOO and the little cheese packet. Oh I was also feeling very BLEH over my take home project so I poured us both the last of my dad’s homemade umeshu to enjoy as well. ^_^  Sorry for the awful flash photo! I was not in the mood to be pretty. (Story of my life!!)

20130216-NEW 007

After dinner I got the first part of my midterm take home done and decided the second half could wait for tomorrow. Since then, I’ve lounged on the couch with my buddy Vinni and been watching The Office. I love re-watching this show because it was soo good in the beginning! I’m glad they are having their final season right now. It should have ended when Michael Scott left!

Eventually I really wanted a creamy dessert so I topped a Chobani Banana Greek yogurt with homemade granola. Nom nom.

Well I feel like I’ve eaten a ton today and that I got nothing done!! Tomorrow has got to be better.


2 thoughts on “Not Enough

  1. Trust me, girl, compared to my ravenous days [read: every day], you did not eat “a ton” 🙂 You keep reminding me that I need to have some overnight oats soon, as well!

    • Haha okay I should have said that I just ate a lot more than I thought I had! Just one of those days where I’m surprised by the amount of photos I have to process…

      And yes make some overnight oats! I will probably be living off them for the rest of the month since I still have 3 tubs of Costco Greek yogurt to get thru!!

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