To the Books!

I have a big lab practical I’m studying for tonight so I don’t have time to tell you all that much about my day. =/ Expect very little words, but I can show you my food!

20130212-NEW 001

Mixed berry overnight oats with sunflower seed butter, golden raisins, and leftover maple pears. It was nice to have overnight oats again but I missed my Weetabix a little bit. I wonder how long I can go before buying another box. ~.^


Lunch was vegetarian chili topped with avocado and olives, the last massaged kale salad with golden raisins and toasted almonds, and an amazing slice of cornbread from the cafeteria. ^_^ It went perfectly with my chili.

20130212-NEW 002

My carpool wanted to skip our Food Science class today so I was home early. I needed a major morale boost so I ate two cookies with a little bit of milk. It was Fat Tuesday after all! This was followed by 60 minutes hill stationary biking followed by strength training.

20130212-NEW 003

Chase has a business dinner tonight so I was all by myself for dinner. Brown rice topped with  leftover sweet and sour purple cabbage, and two hard boiled eggs.

20130212-NEW 004

For dessert I had a Chobani 2% Banana yogurt topped with homemade granola and golden raisins.

20130212-NEW 006

While I studied away (and did my taxes!) I got munchy and snacked on Saltines with Dubliner cheddar cheese. >.> I was craving salt. They need to make whole grain Saltines….

Anyway, back to the books!


2 thoughts on “To the Books!

  1. Hey Robyn!
    Nabisco does make a whole grain Saltine. I remember seeing them at Walmart.. Have not tried them myself but my son loves saltines so i’m gonna pick him up a box 🙂 Your m&m cookies look deeelicious! Have a good day..

    • Thanks Heidi! I had no idea! I don’t normally buy crackers (because clearly I like to eat them all the time!) but since Chase had these in the cupboard….Let me know if the whole grain ones are good! P.s. These “Fresh Stacks” which come in miniature sleeves are really nice for portion control.

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