Study Munching

Well I’d say I had a pancake win this morning.

20130211-NEW 002

The very last of my Kodiak Cakes topped with a pear cooked in maple syrup and toasted almonds! Mmm mm! There was actually too much sweet going on here so I ended up saving some of the pears for another meal. I was sure glad I had a big mug of milk to help wash it down!

After eating I did not dawdle and headed straight to the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride followed by a strength training session. It felt so good to be moving again! I hate being sick. -_-

20130211-NEW 007

After my long workout and a good hot shower, I sat down and got to studying anatomy and physiology. Around 1pm I cracked into some M&Ms…it’s bad how snacky I get when I study. >.< 

20130211-NEW 008

At 2pm, I heated up some lunch. A few nights ago while I was sick I had a big cook-a-thon in the kitchen making sure produce didn’t go bad. I didn’t get to try the food though, so today I finally did. Sweet and sour purple cabbage, roasted acorn squash in coconut oil, and a sunny side up egg. Upping the protein, I also had about a 1/3 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt with honey and blueberries.

20130211-NEW 009

After lunch I still wasn’t satisfied though so I grabbed a cookie.

And then I binged on peanut M&Ms throughout the rest of the day. >.< Well, I haven’t gotten these babies under control yet!

20130211-NEW 010

For dinner I had vegetarian chili topped with avocado and olives along with a piece of homemade quinoa bread toasted with cheddar cheese. This was actually really scrumptious especially with the creamy avocado mixed in.

I really thought about eating more cookies but instead made myself a cup of hot cocoa to quench my sweet tooth. Boy had I forgotten how hard it is for me to have cookies in the house! It’s so odd that I really can’t seem to listen to my body when my minds screaming about cookies. Definitely something to work on.


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