It’s Baacckkkk

That’s right. My appetite is back and I’m feeling loads better. I didn’t start feeling better until around 5pm but hey, I’ll take it.

20130210-NEW 001

I had a nice lazy morning with a nice lazily prepared stack of Kodiak Cakes cooked with sliced bananas and topped with cookie butter and craisins. It actually didn’t turn out looking so well due to the fact bananas like to stick to pans when cooked! Overall I was a bit disappointed with my pancakes. >.< I think we’ll have a re-match tomorrow.

The morning was spent completing my second draft on my food education piece and the first draft on my food memoir! That’s pretty darn productive if I do say so myself. I also read ahead in my biochem studies so I’d be prepared for lectures this coming week.

20130210-NEW 002

Around 1pm, though my appetite wasn’t quiet back yet, I made lunch anyway. Leftover Lentil Sout soup along with a mini sleeve of Saltine crackers and a little bit of Dubliner cheddar cheese. I couldn’t eat all the soup but my stomach sure liked the crackers.

20130210-NEW 003

An hour or so later I didn’t have a physical craving but more of a mindful want of a M&M sugar cookie with a glass of milk. I also ended up snacking on a few M&M’s…and suddenly I felt like my appetite was back! I managed to stave it off since I knew we had dinner plans.


We kind of celebrated the Chinese new year since we went over to Sam and Jodi’s house (Waylon and Joey’s friends) for a Korean food (bibimbap) smorgasbord! They were so sweet to provide vegetarian food for me. My bowl was filled with just a 1/3 cup of white rice, fresh crisp lettuce, stringed zucchini, sautéed onions, green onions, egg, carrots, and a little dollop of gochujang. It was actually really tasty. Sam had gone to a lot of trouble to provide me with tofu yakisoba so even though I don’t really like Asian noodles I had some on a little side plate along with two veggie spring rolls.

I could have eaten more I was suddenly so hungry!


Instead I saved room for dessert. The real reason we were having this shindig was for this baby girl’s birthday! One year old and already ready to dive into tiramisu! (Don’t worry she had her own separate applesauce and molasses cake so no espresso powder for her!)


I enjoyed my own slice even though I don’t normally like cake. I was excited (and hungry!) because I’ve always wanted to try tiramisu! It was soooo light and subtle. It reminded me a lot of the pastries I tasted in Japan with it’s delicateness.


And of course at these get-togethers we have to have funny dog photos.(Don’t worry, Lucy did not eat in this highchair! We were just being goofy!) I love how these guys treat their pups like their children. My kind of people! It was really making me long for a puppy of my own but I’ve vowed not to get one until after I get married. =/ Sigh.

20130210-NEW 004

On the 20 minute ride home I ended up eating two of the M&M sugar cookies I brought to share in the car. O.O I know I know, but I was still hungry! When I got home instead of devouring the rest of the cookies I made myself a small cup of M&Ms with a cup of lemon tea.

I’m psyched to get back to the gym tomorrow and start eating the leftovers in my fridge! Happy Monday!


One thought on “It’s Baacckkkk

  1. All your food looks absolutely delicious! I’d love to try some authentic chinese food. And I’m glad you are feeling better, I bet your stomach wanted to catch up! 🙂

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