Seattle Anniversary

(Pretend I posted this last night!)

It’s been an entire year now since Chase and I took our long U-Haul trip from Missoula, MT to the Seattle area. Well actually it’s been a year and one day but I was so busy yesterday I forgot. HeartToday though, we celebrated.

20130206-NEW 001

Still had to go to school however, so I ate the breakfast I’ve been craving of 2 Weetabix bars, toast almonds, golden raisins, and fresh plump blueberries. Bliss! I then took the super early bus to school for my food and writing class. Ug! I already have to write a new paper, a food memoir. I know this should be the easiest one since I write in the first person everyday and no research is involved but…it’s also the one that’s the most personal and that’s scary.


I made myself wait until lunch time to eat even though my stomach was growling in the library so loud I was afraid I was disturbing the students near me! I bought lunch again thanks to my mom but this time I brought from home a massaged kale salad with toasted almonds and golden raisins to help fill me up. The hot lunch was a surprisingly delicious crispy eggplant & vegetable stack and a small side of mashed potatoes. Sure there was other food but I have issues paying so much money for rice! The stack though was scrumptious though a little red onion heavy.

After eating I found I was still hungry and really wanted something sweet. Since it was not Dessert Thursday (or as Chase calls, Dessersday), I grabbed the organic Granny Smith apple I had in my lunch bag for a snack at work. Perfection!


Around 4pm at work I broke into the other snacks I’d brought. A hard boiled egg (which I’d done in the oven and it turned out better than boiling it both in ease of shell removal and texture!) and a Monterrey jack string cheese. While I was eating them, I thought about how maybe I should be putting an ice pack in my bag to keep these babies at the proper temperature because they were slightly warm….big mistake. As soon as I was done consuming them my gut started getting sharp pains and bloating. Lesson learned!!! OUCH.


Sometimes eating more helps my stomach feel better so I broke of a 1/3rd chunk of this Odwalla Berries GoMega bar. Nope, didn’t help.


Even though I wasn’t feeling great Chase and I had plans for a dinner celebration. I decided to go with it since at least, if I needed to, I could eat as little as possible. Turned out I started feeling better as we started chewing! We went to Sushi Zone up in Bothell where I’d had my first wonderful experience with conveyor belt sushi. We enjoyed this place a heck of a lot better than AA sushi but the service wasn’t as friendly.

Chase and I were determined to try a few new things tonight. We started with splitting a plate of California rolls and a plate of Inari. We know we always love those, though we both agreed Chase makes better CA rolls since his have red pepper in them and therefore a nice crunch. After that I had a plate of, my favorite, Sweet Potato Rolls. Being adventurous we grabbed a plate of Cheese Buns to see what they were and it turns out they are pretty much like a Danish. I was surprised that Chase actually liked them since he hates cream cheese. I had another plate of Sweet Potato Rolls while Chase tried the more adventurous fishy fare. To end our meal we split some Sesame Balls and headed home.

At home, instead of studying like a regular night, we cozied up in front of the TV and watched Paranormal 4! Not as good as the first two movies but it was so nice to have some time relaxing together.

I can’t believe we’ve been here a year already. I love this place and am so happy we took the plunge.


2 thoughts on “Seattle Anniversary

  1. That’s crazy! I cant believe it’s been a year. Congrats on taking a chance on a new city (state)and it being a sucess for you guys 🙂

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