More Grains Plz.

Today all I wanted to eat was grains apparently.

20130204-NEW 001

It started off with me having two toasted pieces of homemade spelt bread topped with sunflower seed butter, Jaycee’s raspberry jam, and banana, along with a ice cold glass of 2% milk. Oh plus I ate the other half of my banana on the side with, you guessed it, more sunflower seed butter. ^_^


And then I was off to the hospital to assist Carole of Hypnotic Nutrition teach a class on cooking with whole grains! We made three different whole grain dishes: Triple Grain Waldorf Salad, Citrus Grain Salad, and Hijiki Brown Rice Casserole. At the end of the two hour long demo, we all got to taste the final products and I could not pick a favorite! I have the recipes now so I am determined to make each one of them. I’m sure Carole will let me share them with you all too.


So I didn’t get done with cleaning up the demo until after 2pm and by then I was about to faint. I barely made the walk home. When I got in the door I quickly threw together a massaged kale salad with toasted almonds and golden raisins and threw my last two slices of T.O.O pizza in the oven to warm. I devoured the salad while I waited and then ate the pizza, still not entirely cooked. I was famished!

20130204-NEW 005

An hour or so later I was famished again. I ended up eating two small bowls of cereal with one bar of Weetabix, a handful of blueberries, a pinch of toasted almonds, and a sprinkle of NatureBox Wild Berry Bunch. Wow. I couldn’t believe how hungry I was!

After a little digesting and studying I finally hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike followed by a strength training session. It felt so good to sweat.

But then it was, sadly, serious study time. My first Anatomy and Physiology exam of the quarter is tomorrow and I honestly haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves. Whoops. I feel that with this awful teacher’s tests I’m going to be making educated guesses the whole exam anyway, so why prepare?

20130204-NEW 006

When Chase got home I still only wanted one thing for dinner: more grains please! And ice cold milk. Alright I decided to go with it but I added a hard boiled egg for more protein too. Man my Weetabix obsession is serious!

Well definitely not the most veggie filled day but hey, sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. Tomorrow there will be veggies!

20130204-NEW 007

P.s. I ended my night with a mug of hot cocoa while I hit the books. Night!


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