Yesterday turned out to be quiet a day and not one I expected at all.

20130202-NEW 002

I was up early in order to deliver trays before work. That’s right, I’ve switched my Monday night delivery to Saturday morning because I’m getting up anyway for work! Might as well get it done.

Before I left I had a marvelous bowl of, you guessed it, Weetabix, topped with fresh blueberries (yes, after writing that paper on their benefits I just couldn’t wait for their season any longer), ground flax, 1/2 bag NatureBox Cranberry Almond Bites, Wild Berry Bunch, and toasted pecans. Now that I’ve finished the first sleeve of Weetabix I swear I’ll try to make my breakfasts different and more interesting. ~.^

The tray delivery went a lot smoother than my Monday nights do, so I was happy with the change. Immediately after finishing though I was running to the bus to get to work!


I made time for an 8 oz. latte though. ^_^


At noon, my stomach was growling for lunch and man did I pack an amazing one! I had leftover veggie chili, a yellow(!) carrot, grapefruit, and the last soupy Chobani Bite Raspberry and Chocolate Chip. Don’t you just love the kind of lunch that fills you up (but not too much) and makes you feel good about yourself?

20130202-NEW 003

I easily managed to avoid the chocolate drawer all day and walked the two miles home (Jaycee is out of town so no carpool). When I got in the door I was hunnngrryyy. I devoured a perfectly ripe banana with sunflower seed butter.

And then I started to feel really sick. =/ So sick that I thought I better be safe and not handle other people’s food so I cancelled my volunteer work at the Top Chef event at my school. =/ We’ve been learning about food safety in my Food Science class, so I knew it was the right thing to do.

Crazy thing is by the time Chase got home I was on the mend. >.< Perhaps the relief of not having to rush off to another event helped. Maybe I need to stop stressing myself out…


Anyway when Chase got home and said Waylon and Joey (and their friends, Sam and Jodi) invited us out for dinner and a movie and that the movie was the new horror movie, Mama, I really wanted to go. So we did.

Red Robin for drinks, apps, and dinner was first! I had a White Italian Sangria which didn’t taste enough like wine to me. Waylon ordered spinach dip for the table and I tried some with a piece of celery. BLEH! Just too creamy? I gave the rest to Chase. My entrée was delicious though. I got my favorite Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Gardenburger Wrap and ate half of  it with fries. Overall, this meal wasn’t the healthiest I could have chosen (curse you fries!) but I left not stuffed.

And then the movies happened. >.< Boy when these guys go to the movies they really go all out! There was popcorn, Red Vines, Butterfinger Bites, Mike & Ike’s, and Nerds. Holy moly. And somehow, I tried all of it and felt totally sick with myself. At least it was all gorged on before the movie even started and not grazed throughout the hour and 40 minute long film.

So how was the movie? It was pretty good. Creepy and jumpy in the beginning and it’s always interesting to see feral children. But the ending was so sappy and awful it’s hard to recommend. Still though, I had a really enjoyable night relaxing with friends.

Now, on to homework! See you tonight.


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