Happy February! I’m so glad it is a new month. January was not great to be honest, but I’m ready for the improvements of February. On this Feb. 1st the weather was beautiful here. Yes, we saw sunlight!

20130201-NEW 001

In fact even when I was up super early to go deliver trays at the hospital there was daylight. Before I left I enjoyed another texture-perfection bowl of Weetabix. Yes it was the exact same toppings as yesterday: last of the NatureBox Orange Crunch Granola, Very Berry Bunch, ground flax, and toasted almonds.

After my hospital work, I headed back to the apartment and put my workout gear right on. I then went to the gym for about two hours! Sweat I had to make up for yesterday! 1.5 hours stationary hill biking followed by strength training, in which I increased all of my weights! Might have been a mistake because later my left arm was having some pain…

20130201-NEW 002

When I got back home I munched on a few Cranberry Almond Bites, though left all the crumblies (which was half the bag) for tomorrow’s breakfast.

20130201-NEW 003

Around noon Chase and I made sure to eat lunch before heading out on our big monthly grocery shopping trip. I had a massaged kale salad with toasted almonds and golden raisins (clearly I’m obsessed!) and two slices of my T.O.O pizza.

20130201-NEW 004

After Best Buy, Costco, and Trader Joe’s we stopped back at home to unload and grab myself a cup of coffee mixed with hot chocolate mix. I was soo low energy! I drank about half while we finished our shopping at Safeway and Target.

Have I mentioned I totally don’t like coffee anymore. I’m an espresso girl. Coffee just upsets my stomach!

20130201-NEW 006

When we were finally done with the shopping, we unpacked and cleaned up the apartment a bit. Then I had a snack: Chobani 2% Banana(!) Greek yogurt mixed with toasted almonds. Yes I finally found this new flavor and I love it! It reminds me of the Yoplait Creamy Banana I used to eat when I was a little girl. I absolutely loved that yogurt but then one year they just stopped making it. =(

20130201-NEW 007

Dinner was a big bowl of vegetarian chili topped with raw shredded purple cabbage and cheddar cheese. I’m really not in love with this chili but I love the cabbage giving it some much needed texture.

20130201-NEW 008

I’m really trying to reign in my evening snacking so I’ve made myself a big mug of lemon herbal tea and allowed myself one piece of Theo dark chocolate. I’m determined to stick to just this.

In fact, perhaps that’s my February Challenge! Just one piece of chocolate and a cup of tea after dinner. That’s it! If I don’t want that then I get nothing.

What’s are you looking forward to this month?


One thought on “February!

  1. Going hard ball on yourself with the snacking?Sometimes we just need to be that way, and excellent job on your workout:) my days never feel complete without one. Happy February Robyn!

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