20130130-NEW 001

This is Ophie last night wishing I would stay up with her and daddy watching TV and playing video games but alas, I had to go to school in the morning. Unfortunately, when they all stay up because it’s Chase’s “Friday night”, I can’t get to sleep all alone in my big bed. =( Not to mention when Chase finally comes to bed I’m awoken. So yeah, I slept absolutely horribly last night!

When my alarm went off this morning to workout I got out of bed, fed the babies, and thought to myself “What the hell are you doing!?” then got back in bed and got another much needed hour of sleep.

20130131-NEW 002

When I did have to get up I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast. My love, Weetabix, of course. This time topped with NatureBox Wild Berry Bunch, toasted almonds, ground flax, and a few crumbles of that way too potent NatureBox Orange Crush Granola. It added a lot of orange to the bowl but it was tolerable.

My A&P lab quiz went alright I think and I managed to get quiet a bit done on my  Pregnancy Case Study project before lunch.


At lunch, me and my friend and old organic chemistry lab partner, Desiree, had a lunch meeting to attend since we will be volunteering this Saturday for Bastyr’s big Top Chef event! Click here if you want to learn what this event is all about. (I just did and that’s so funny that in the photo is Carole Freeman who owns Hypnotic Nutrition where I volunteer!)

Anyway, during the meeting I ate my lunch of leftover chili (Man the flavor of this isn’t getting any better) and a massage kale salad topped with toasted almonds and golden raisins. Delicious!

Once the meeting was over we headed to the cafeteria to partake in Thursday Dessert Day. ^_^ It’s apparently become a tradition. Hey, if we didn’t have it I’d probably end up buying dessert everyday so by keeping it to one designated day I can control myself to wait. Today I had pumpkin custard(/) (note to self: always take photo of card that says what it is and what’s in it!) and it tasted exactly like pumpkin pie without the crust. Instead it was topped with whipped cream and cinnamon pumpkin seeds! Nom nom.


During my biochemistry lecture on the tricarboxylic acid cycle, I found myself craving the tangelo stashed in my lunch box. Every time the professor mentioned “citrate” I could only think of the pungent citrus smell! So I ate it. ^_^ It helped keep me awake.

Today was our long day so I didn’t get home until after 5pm.(Which yes is better than getting home after 7pm which is as late as my lab could run to.)

20130131-NEW 003

During the lab, I started having really sharp pains in my abdomen. When I got home I figured it was hunger pains so I had a handful of raw almonds and a handful of dried apricots before heading to the store. Chase had texted me earlier saying he didn’t have any food in the house for him!


When we got back home and put our pizzas in the oven, I realized it wasn’t hunger pains I was feeling but cramps. Stare-Left I rarely have bad ones but these had me almost doubling over in pain. While I had decided to bike tonight, I had to change my plans and give myself a night on the couch.

For dinner I had a purple cabbage salad tossed with Caesar dressing and parmesan, an amazing amaretto sour Chase made, one small slice from his pizza (minus the pepperoni) since my pizza had turned into a disaster, and finally two small pieces of my fail pizza when we decided it was cooked enough.

Apparently putting too many fresh tomatoes on top will make the whole pizza sag and cave in on itself and not really bake right. >.< Now I know. I’d topped my frozen cheese pizza with tomatoes, olives and onions (What my dad used to call The T.O.O).

20130131-NEW 007

Later, in my slightly intoxicated and tired state I made myself a small toasted piece of homemade spelt bread slathered with cookie butter. Soo amazingly good.

I think I’m going to watch a little bit more TV and veg on the couch before I catch some shut-eye. Goodnight!


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