I’m in Love…

20130130-NOW 001

..with Weetabix! HeartSeriously, this cereal made my morning bright even with all the rainclouds looming outside. I topped two of the bars with the leftover crumbles of NatureBox Cranberry Almond Bites (so basically lightly sweetened rice puffs), Wild Berry Bunch, flaxseed, and chopped pecans. It was texture heaven! I’m actually really starting to enjoy the very light crunch the Weetabix makes upon chomping down. Maybe all those British people are on to something!


Sadly around 11am I was getting darn hungry while studying muscles for my A&P lab quiz tomorrow. Instead of grabbing an extra snack though, I took a piece from my lunch! Brilliant idea, I know. I don’t know why I’ve been really enjoying cheese lately though. Perhaps it’s connected to my cycle? o.O


Once lunchtime hit I was definitely ready to partake in it. I had, again, roasted red potatoes, turnips, and carrots on a bed of massaged kale salad and golden raisins. While I ate, I checked my university email to find out I’d completely failed an assignment for my nutrition class due to the fact that the only thing that was submitted (online) was the table I needed done but NOT the paper! I was shocked. I’d uploaded the wrong file. O Freaked out and about ready to cry I scarfed down my Chobani Bite Coffee & Chocolate Chips along with a tart and juicy tangelo. I was so antsy about talking to the professor I then went and sat in the empty classroom for a half hour so I could talk to her as soon as she showed up.

Luckily, she was totally cool about it and just told me to resubmit the correct paper. What a relief!! I was soo embarrassed I’d made such a stupid mistake. I’d put such hard work into that paper!!


Since it was Wednesday, I headed to work around 3pm. Freezing, I decided an 8 oz. latte with one raw sugar from Urban Coffee Lounge was in order. I really do love how thick and creamy their espresso is but I think I may have to go back to Starbucks. =/ They are just too expensive for this poor student.

My snacks for the evening consisted of a healthy baggie of NatureBox dried pears and garlic pumpkin seeds…and then one fun sized Twix from the chocolate drawer. I put my small iPad stylus in the picture to try and give some size perspective but now I think it just looks as big as a giant pen! -_- Size perspective failed.

20130130-NOW 002

When Chase picked me up from work he declared it burrito night and bought me dinner. Well yes indeed a Taco Del Mar fish burrito on a whole wheat tortilla, with pinto beans, , cabbage, salsa, white sauce, medium salsa, and no rice sounded good. I hate putting simple carbs inside of carbs.

This burrito was HUGE and I know I should have just cut it in half right away but I didn’t. Instead I ended up eating the whole thing and feeling utterly stuffed. At least that stops me from wanting to snack?

What are your favorite boxed cereals and why?


5 thoughts on “I’m in Love…

  1. Right now I like Cheerios W frozen blueberries which really make the milk mucho cold & blue & I like Special K w dried strawberries & bananas & asmall amt of frozen blueberries.

  2. Okay this is tough one for me, probably good old Kellogs Raisin bran and I have to have it in 2% milk ice cold 🙂 I love that cereal soooo much,the texture of the bran flakes, and the sweet raisins but I rarely have it because it’s a trigger food, actually most cereal is! I also like mini wheats. Are the weetabix like shredded wheat, and what are the nutritionals? Cereal just never really feel me up thats why I usually just eat it as a dessert.

    • Ohhh man Raisin Nut Bran is a total trigger food for me. I will eat bowls and bowls of it. When I buy cereal now I totally have to stay away from the more sweet stuff or like you said, it’s like dessert.

      The Weetabix have a pretty decent nutritional profile. A serving is two biscuits which totally fills me up. That’s 130 Calories, 1g of fat, 130mg sodium, 150mg potassium, 4g dietary fiber, 4g protein, and only 2g of sugar. They are hardly sweet at all so fresh or dried fruit is a must in my opinion.

      Their ingredients: Whole wheat, barley malt extract, organic dehydrated cane syrup, salt. Plus its fortified with vitamins and iron.

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