Today has been an extremely long day. Forgive me if this post is boring but I just don’t have the energy to be interesting!


It started at 6am with a breakfast of homemade spelt bread slathered with crunchy sunflower seed butter, raspberry jam, and banana (the rest of the banana was enjoyed on the side) plus a glass of ice cold milk.

Then I was off to the gym for a sweaty 30 minute treadmill interval run at 0.5 incline. I really think I need a new workout. I just don’t feel like it’s challenging me anymore (besides my leg muscles!).

Next, I was rushing to the hospital with everything I would need for the rest of my day in tow, for an hour of tray delivery and teaching a new volunteer how to do it. It was nice to have someone else be the new person. ^_^ I felt like I knew what I was doing.


After that I jumped on a bus to work and grabbed a 8 oz. latte at Urban Coffee Lounge with one raw sugar. Soo creamy.


By noon I was sooo hungry. I devoured my veggie box filled with semi-caramelized leeks, creamy sesame chard, and red potatoes, turnips, and carrots I roasted in some Jamaican Jerk seasoning last night.  It actually was pretty yummy. I also had a Monterey Jack cheese stick and a Pineapple Caramel Chobani Bite.


Around 3pm, I was hungry again. =/ So I surprisingly ended up drinking this entire Naked Juice! It was so tasty but I just hate drinking my calories.


I needed it though because straight from work I went to volunteer at a Teen Feed down in Seattle. We made vegetarian chili, roasted Brussels sprouts, baby kale salad, cornbread, and for dessert, a little mandarin. Delicious. I didn’t get to eat that until about 7:30pm though and man was I ready for it.

In regards to the actual volunteer work I actually got to make something this time. The roasted Brussels sprouts were my babies! They were outstanding and I talked a ton of the homeless teens in to trying them. I had some of them coming back just to get a whole bowl of them! By the end of the night, I had a blister from cutting Brussels sprouts and was being called the Brussels Sprouts Queen. ^_^ I just want everyone to love them!


When I finally got back home for the day around 9pm, I needed a treat. So I ate the very last two my dad’s small cranberry almond biscotti with a mug’o milk. Yum. Now I’m trying to get all my CSA veggies processed and in the fridge before my head hits the pillow and I pass out!

Glad this Friday is over! I’m beat.


3 thoughts on “Beat

  1. I love your initech mug! Classic 🙂 sounds like you had a very productive day but exhausting… Have a good rest Robyn!
    p.s. I finally made the Amaranth I love it, the texture is awesome having it tomorrow for breke!

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