Feed Me, Seymour, Feed Me!!!

I hate how studying makes me ravenous. Seriously, I feel like I need constant fueling to stay awake and processing. It’s so bad I think I’m just gonna go to bed early and study in the morning. (I have an A&P lab quiz followed by my first Biochem exam tomorrow) This may be a bad plan, I haven’t decided yet.

20130123-NOW 001

Today, I was a little limited on breakfast options so I made a not so traditional yogurt bowl using a cup of the new Chobani 0% Pear Greek yogurt (fabulous by the way), a serving of Granola Chips, and a torn up Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Larabar. It tasted pretty good all together but very sweet.


After a very awkward Food & Writing class (we did improv. work to improve our creativity…), I ate this Kashi Banana Chocolate Chip bar because I was just soo hungry for lunch. Seriously, waiting the two hours for noon was hard.


But finally it was close enough so I reheated the last of my soyaki tofu & veggies and brown rice. Getting through the leftovers! I also had another very soupy Chobani Bite yogurt.

20130123-NOW 002

When I got home from school around 3:30pm (Danae and I did a fun stop at Trader Joe’s and I spent way too much money. Oh! And again no Wednesday work since the Dr. was taking a half day), I just had to fulfill a recent cheese craving with one of my purchases: TJ’s Monetary Jack Cheese Sticks. It’s really odd for me to have a cheese craving, but when I do I like to get these sticks since they are pre-portioned.

Before I got settled in and studying, I took a thinking break and did a 30 minute treadmill interval workout at 0.5/0.0 incline. I had to keep changing the incline because my knee is acting up again. =/ It’s my own fault. I forgot to stretch last night. >.< It’s so strange for my muscles to not be on the same page as the rest of my body.

20130123-NOW 003

Once I was done it was still only 4pm and Chase doesn’t get home for dinner until 6:30pm! I knew I wasn’t going to make it…but I sure as hell tried! Eventually around 5:30pm I caved (I blame Ophie. She was begging to be fed early and I decided if she could, I could.) and ate a small cranberry almond biscotti. Crunchy cookie goodness.

20130123-NOW 004

Finally it was dinner time! I quickly reheated the last of my leftover whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce filled with veggies and topped with my favorite TJ’s shaved parmesan cheese blend. Devoured.

It kind of reminded me of the Thursday Spaghetti Night my mother used to take my sister and I to at Trenary’s when we were little. I don’t know what sort of deal it was but we always ate spaghetti and always loved it. I kind of miss having family dinners like that. =(

20130123-NOW 005

Anywho, Chase, being the sweetheart that he is, brought me home dessert from his work. ^_^ I can’t turn down a free cookie especially a sugar cookie. I enjoyed my little cookie with some milk and studied biochem after dinner.

Well, I’m either off to bed or off to study! I’m most definitely off to stretch no matter what! G’night


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