Stir Fry-day

Wow. So before I went to bed last night I had a major stretch session in front of the TV. I stretched all my muscles, even when they hurt, and what a huge difference I noticed in my legs this morning. They were 100% back to normal! I think that just goes to show me that I really do need to take the time to stretch after my workouts everyday.

Besides my legs being better again, I woke up completely frazzled. I had the strangest dream last night! Chase and I were getting married. It was our wedding day but we forgot to invite anyone!!! I called my mom and told her she had to come; I tried to call my best friend Ashton (who was my maid of honor) and get her down there but the whole day was just a disaster! Chase’s own parents didn’t even know! Who throws a wedding and forgets to tell anyone?! I think I’ve been watching too many wedding shows before bed. =p

Any who, enough of my insanity. I popped right out of bed with my alarm in order to get my hour of volunteer work at the hospital good and done with.

20130118-NOW 001

I still had time to make a hot breakfast though! =D I’ve been wanting some Kodiak Cakes for days now. I just used 1/3 cup mix which made these two beautiful thin pancakes. I topped them with Earth Balance, maple syrup, craisins, and candied pecans and washed it all down with a mug of 2% milk. I don’t know why I like these pancakes when I normally hate all others but they are divine. The oat flour really gives it a nice nutty taste.

After my tray delivery and another round of chicken pox vaccine and blood drawn, I was back at home getting a paper written (dietary analysis and fertility issues) before I laced up my tennies and hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. I didn’t want to push my legs too hard. I think I’m gonna give running another go tomorrow though.

20130118-NOW 002

Chase and I had some things to get at Target and since we were out at lunch time we ended up grabbing some food. I’ve never liked Chipotle mainly because their only vegetarian option is beans, but now that I eat beans I decided to give it another try. Verdict? Meh. I like Taco del Mar better. I got a vegetarian burrito with brown cilantro rice, black beans, grilled vegetables (which I had to ask for them to put on!) mild salsa, and lettuce. Since it was 2pm I was so hungry I ate the whole thing but it was really nothing special.

20130118-NOW 003

For the rest of the day, I worked on more homework and eventually ate this very last piece of dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt Chase got from someone around Xmas.

20130118-NOW 004

For dinner I had brown rice and my tofu and veggie stir fry I made the other night. Still not very impressed with this round. =/ I suppose I need to ask my dad for some stir fry tips! My veggies are always soggy.

20130118-NOW 005

For dessert I was craving some milk. I should have just enjoyed the glass of milk but instead I ended up having two biscotti with it. -_- I’m really trying to work on reigning in my sweet tooth that took over due to the holidays but it’s seriously a work in progress. Anyone else dealing with the same problem? I keep telling myself that I’m just going to have a mug of tea but that turns into a mug of tea and some chocolate or biscotti or even some nuts! Arg!

Well I hope you all had a great Friday and have plans for an amazing weekend!


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