“Friday, Friday”

I had every intention of working out today…but when my alarm went off and I moved my legs painfully, I knew I aught to listen and give them some rest. I just wish I knew why they were so sore! I was able to walk better today…but I definitely still felt it. Tonight I might try some hot pads on them.

20130117-NOW 001

So I should have been very well rested today with almost 10 hours of sleep, but to be honest I still felt drained. I was even too tired to do my hair and instead threw it up into a very unattractive pony tail. -_- Hey we don’t need to look good every day right?

Lucky for me I had a jar of prepared blueberry overnight oats in the fridge which I topped with the very last of TJ’s Crunchy PB and golden raisins. Time for me to make my own! Maybe some chocolate peanut butter?


For lunch I had another delicious romaine salad (carrots, red bell pepper, shredded cheddar, yogurt blue cheese dressing) and roasted delicata squash with red onions and speedy baked beans. I also ate a zesty and perfectly crunchy serving of Lundberg rice chips.


Me and my classmates consider Thursday our “Friday” since we don’t have class tomorrow. Since it was “Friday”, we all ended up buying a dessert. ^_^ Gotta have something to look forward to. I threw my chocolate and grapefruit back in my lunch bag and got this amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie Parfait! Holy yum. Creamy custard sandwiched between broken up cookie crumbs. I really only needed half this thing but I couldn’t waste this cup of heaven so I ate it all. A-mazing. It’s funny, I want my Mom to come visit me just so I can take her to my school cafeteria for lunch!

We had our very first biochemistry lab today so we were stuck at school until 6pm. Once I got home though Chase and I had fun dinner plans…


…at AA Sushi which is right next to my work! Remember when I had my first experience with conveyor belt sushi last month? Well I’ve been dying to show Chase how fun it is plus I really wanted to get their Wi-Fi password so I could use my iPad at work (right next store). Shh don’t tell.

Anyway the staff was beyond friendly there, but sadly the food was somewhat of a let down. It was more expensive, had a lot smaller selection, and seemed to always be swimming in spicy mayonnaise (Chase won’t touch mayo).  We still managed to eat $30 worth of sushi though so we could use our 15% off coupon.


I had a really interesting vegetarian roll, sweet potato roll (my favorite), futomaki (inari, tamago, avocado, and cucumber), one inarizushi, and two tamago. For dessert (and to get to $30), Chase and I shared some sesame balls filled with red bean paste. Yum-o! It was still a lot of fun to select the sushi and I hope Chase enjoyed it somewhat. I have promised to take him to the better sushi place up in Bothell one of these days though.

I’m just glad I have the Wi-Fi password now. HeartWooohoo.


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