Out of Time

Man, I just feel like there was not enough time today! I need to space out my studying over my weekend better, because leaving it all for today was just rough. I did myself a favor and got up before 9am.

20130114-NOW 003

Even though I had the time to cook a hot breakfast today I went with what I wanted instead: toasted homemade wheat bread topped with chocolate cherry almond butter on one and TJ’s crunchy PB on the other and banana. Washed down with a mug’o milk, of course. Some days it’s just all about the nut butter!

Once my food was settled enough and I finished typing up yesterday’s post, I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride followed by another session of strength training. I’m trying to incorporate more strength days so Saturday/Monday is my new thing.

20130114-NOW 002-2

And then I took a moment to accept my genes bestowed on my by my mother: curly hair. Yes, I’ve tried to ignore it for the past few years by blow drying it straighter, but I finally succumbed and bought the curly hair products my sister recommended and gave it a go today. It’s a little bit more crazy in this picture since this is at the end of the day, but I think it turned out pretty good.

20130114-NOW 001

By the time I was done showering and playing with my hair I was ready for lunch. I reheated speedy baked beans, delicata squash with red onions, and sautéed some dino kale. Yum yum. I’m just so excited that I have beans in my life now! So much better than eating scary soy protein isolate products.

20130114-NOW 002

And then I got to work. A&P reading and note taking done. Biochemistry reading and note taking….would take the rest of the night! It was a lot more work than I’d planned on but hey, the digestion of monosaccharaides, triacylglycerol, and proteins is not an easy subject.

During the reading, I needed to feed my brain some energy in the form of no sugar added hot cocoa and one of my dad’s delicious cranberry almond biscotti.

At 5pm, I headed over to Evergreen hospital for another hour of dietary tray delivery. That’s right, I’ve picked up another shift so I can get my clinical hours done with in double the time! It went well and I really don’t mind it anymore.

20130114-NOW 004

Once Chase got home at 6:30pm, I had dinner hot and ready. Leftover salt and pepper tofu with steamed broccoli, red pepper, and carrots. Sadly we are out of rice so that’s all there was. It definitely didn’t fill me up as well without the main carbohydrate. =/ I need to get to PCC and get some of that amazing sweet brown rice!

20130114-NOW 005

For dessert I nabbed a banana with chocolate cherry almond butter. I love bananas, but why oh why do they have to ripen so fast!! =( They are now past the ripeness I like. I need a tinge of green.

Hopefully I can be more organized about getting homework and studying done this week. Hope you all had a decent Monday!


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