Let’s Just Forget

Arg. It was just one of those bad days today. I woke up exhausted, went and rushed some strength training, about had a heart attack when I came back to find Chase still at the apartment because he couldn’t get in the car due to the doors being frozen shut, and then had a mediocre breakfast. O

20130112-NOW 001

I ate the very last of the popped amaranth (~3/4 cup), a handful of raw almonds, a toss of golden raisins, a teaspoon of ground flax, and some %2 milk. It really wasn’t that bad, but it just wasn’t what I was craving! I’m going to make some overnight oats for the next few days right now ^_^

Finally, after many different attempts with scalding hot water, Chase was able to get into the car. Since he was already late and I would be heading out the door to the bus stop anyway, he drove me to work. ❤


Since I was there so early I stopped into Starbucks and got a short nonfat caramel macchiato. It really wasn’t great. I wondered why I even ordered that drink.

Work was super busy today and on top of that Jaycee told me about the backstabbing my other coworker had done to me. I’m so tired of this practice. I’ve decided that when we move in the summer (yay new, hopefully more secure, apartment) I’m going to quit. It had me livid all day long.


I managed to get a little lunch in around 1pm. I attempted to eat a tiny salad of romaine and wakame salad from New Year’s but I just can’t stand that fishy seaweed taste and that slimy, chewy texture. I forced down about half the salad because I know how good for you sea vegetables are. I also made myself eat the Moroccan chickpeas and quinoa I brought (though I am so tired of chickpeas, they are my least favorite bean). Oddly enough, I ignored my clementine and only ate 1/2 my mini dark chocolate piece.


The day was tough and Jaycee and I were both exhausted. She kindly offered to buy me another coffee if I’d go get them for us. Of course I would! This time I got a ristretto doppio espresso, 2” hot water, and to mix things up a bit: 1 pump mocha. Meh, I think I’d rather have had a raw sugar in the end. I topped it with half and half and drank it down to survive the rest of the day.

20130112-NOW 002

Holy moly is it getting cold here! We were below freezing today and I managed to loose one of my mittens! T-T Must go to Target and buy a new pair. When I finally walked in the door, my hands felt like ice. Luckily my dad’s care package arrived today to warm me up. Remember that homemade umeshu I helped him with over the summer? Well he sent me a water bottled filled with it along with some of his homemade biscotti! They are nice and small…so I ended up eating two while I waited for Chase to get home…I was starving!

20130112-NOW 003

When he walked in the door I immediately starting heating up dinner: Mazatlan leftovers! (with a side of romaine lettuce for more green) And, of course, I had to try dad’s umeshu. It is excellent! You can taste the plums better and it’s a bit stronger in alcohol content. Nummy. I think he’s just going to have to keep making this forever now.

Well I think I may have myself a cup of tea and another small biscotti while Chase and I watch another horror movie to forget about my day. I love being so scared! It’s how you know you’re alive. ^_^


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